Interested in advertising? Contacting me for a story? Using my photography? Just want to shoot the...well, you know?

email me at: everynothingwonderful [at] gmail [dot] com (get rid of the spaces and replaces the [at] with @ and [dot] with . get what I mean.)

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Proud member Blog with Integrity

Hey, I'd like to advertise/become a sponsor. How do I do that?
Send me an email and I'll shoot you back the details! You can also download the sponsorship info PDF here.

Where can I buy photography prints? 
For now just contact me directly, please.

What about design work, will you do something for me? 
Of course, let's talk!

Can I use your photography or recipes on my site or publish them?
I would prefer if you contact me first and let me know. Since I know I can't control everything and that some people will re-publish without consent anyway at least be kind enough to link back to my site and give me credit.

Do you do freelance work?
Sure, drop me a line - what are you looking for? Design, photography, copywriting? I can do that!

Do people pay you to feature their products or services? Can you feature mine?
They certainly can. I reserve the right to accept or reject products or ideas based on proper fit, my opinion of the product, etc. If I feature a product or giveaway you can be sure I stand behind the brand - and I will be transparent to my readers about any money or products exchanged.

You are welcome to contact me if you think you have something I might be interested in but I make no promises that I'll feature it. If you would like to arrange for your product to be featured in relationship to a giveaway I would love to know - but keep in mind I leave the responsibility of actually getting the giveaway prize to the winner.

Can I contribute?
Yes, absolutely! If you have photography or art to submit consider posting it to the {every}nothing wonderful flickr community pool. Otherwise please send me an email!