About Tricia

{every}nothing wonderful is a repository for all things food, photography, and design related. All my life, I've been involved with each of those passions and each I use to celebrate the extraordinary in the everyday.

I believe life is best when crafted, lived creatively, and consciously - that we are at our best when we consume less and create more. I believe that when we create beautiful things we connect humanity in a shared joy. I believe in the power of homemade, homegrown, and handcrafted.

I've had a number of professions (mostly in marketing) - ranging from graphic design/advertising to biotech to the less glamorous and more dirt under the nails type professions. Right now I'm a freelance designer, writer, and lover of all things design-related. I also happen to be a mother of a darling girl and wife to a pretty awesome guy. You'll see them scattered about here and there as "Eh" and "Em", respectively.

Things I aspire towards:
A nom de plume, an understanding of my camera, abundant creativity, time to accomplish all my mind imagines, big ideas, positive communication...joy.

Things I love:
Pumpkin pie, honesty, stationery, paper cutting arts, color, useful tools, typography, citrus, jazz and a fabulously good book. 

If you would like to contact me you can always email me at everynothingwonderful(at)gmail(dot)com. Check out my contact page for others ways to connect or to find out information about advertising or use of my work.