Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Birth of a New Season: Spring Babies!


Kids! They are always ruining the best laid plans...in the best way!

Woke this morning to the 8th consecutive hottest day in March in Chicago with a high expected in the 80s, feeling like summer on the very first day of spring. Took my daughter to school and saw Erica on the way home - "The babies are here!" she shouted as she walked by my fence on the way to the farm. "They were born last night," and with a wave she was on her way.


I had intended to do a ton of work, play catchup and get ahead. No, the babies are here! A quick trip into the house, grabbed my camera and soon I was headed in the same direction. The babies are finally here! The baby goats that we thought were due two weeks ago! Gretta's babies!


Any excuse to go to the farm will do, really. New babies are the best excuse possible though. I opened the door gently, saying hello to the sweet brown mouse who lives nearby, and greeted Kazoo, the mama. Nestled nearby were three little balls of the softest curls, one apricot, one light brown, and one white. The white one is biggest, and a playful little scamp – I've secretly named him Scamp.


When they nurse they wag their tails like mad, delighted to be near mom, to be eating, to be safe. It is the most intimate and wonderful moment - and reminded me of the many moments I spent with my own sweet girl, cooing while she ate.


Kazoo is a good mom. She's gentle and talkative but scolds when needed - and trust me, Scamp needed a scolding.


All in all I can't think of a better way to greet spring - beautiful weather, new babies, fresh air and eager flowers poking their heads up through the ground


Hello spring! Hello babies!


LeAnna said...

What a wonderful time she choose to have her kids, the first day of Spring! How lovely you get to experience this first hand. So cool!

Sharizat said...

Aww! The kids are just adorable! And yes, BIG welcome Spring! (Although the heat wave we're having makes it feel like summer)

Tara said...

There are 6 inches of snow in my yard. I kid you not! Trade me lives please! Baby goats are a slight obsession of mine. I find them so stinkin' irresistible! Has Eh met them yet? Cuz holy wowzers she's gonna love them!

Kelly Simmons said...

Okay, that was just . . . oh, I know I'm a writer but I can't think of a good enough word. LOVE!

Tara Vorhes said...

So much cuteness!

Elizabeth said...

Amazing! Those little goats are the cutest, and they're making my heart ache a little.

Lana said...

When I visit my Serbia, I experience so much of what you are describing:) My dad's neighbor has goats and we get cheese and milk form her whenever we want. When I come back, all those products become hard to reach and very much coveted:)
Those kids are adorable and I wish I could spend at least a week tending to them!

Laura (Blogging Over Thyme) said...

So so cute!!! Great pictures!

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