Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Super Simple Organizing Tricks

A few quick and easy organizing tricks for you today. Maybe you already use similar techniques, maybe these will be new but if you have other great ideas be sure to share them as well!

First up - remote controls. Ick. Remote controls always seems to find a way of laying about all over the place and making a perfectly neat and tidy room look just a bit messy. We tried a universal remote once to no avail - it simply wasn't universal enough and at least one extra remote was needed to control the TV, stereo, DVD player, etc. What a mess!

This is my Craigslist victory piece de resistance

We store our TV in a large armoire, but this trick could work just fine in another application (on the back of the TV perhaps, on a shelf, whatever works for you).

Why yes, we do have a furry beast in the house. Why?

First, decide where you can hang your remotes in a way that will be inconspicuous and useful. On the back of each remote place a piece of velcro. I choose to put the soft side on the remote so it wouldn't pull on clothing when it is in your lap. I also used a heavier load-holding stronger velcro because one of our remotes is really heavy.


Put the companion disc (or square, whatever shape you use) piece to the velcro wherever you wish to hang your remotes. For us the inside of the door to the armoire is perfect - it doesn't touch the TV when closed, slides next to the TV when open and is high enough little hands can't reach.

We recently had to get a new microwave (over a year ago is recently, right? Right.) Inside the microwave was a rack. A totally useless rack. This rack doesn't make any sense. But as a drying rack it is pure genius.


When placed across our sink the rack overlaps enough to hold it in place. Skinny enough to fit just about anywhere it can be stored very easily - I can't say the same about our actual "dish drying rack".The very best application for the over the sink rack though is for stemware. Ever other rack I've ever used either left a puddle in the bowl of the glass or condensation inside - this though? Spotless. No film, no condensation.

Don't have a microwave rack? Try a cookie cooling rack!


I have a lot of loose spices that don't have any need to live in a jar - and shouldn't anyway. Mustard for example, because I love to make and can homemade mustard - but it has no reason to be in a designated spice container. I like using mini loaf pans to hold my spare spices and organize other ones.


The mini loaf pans are great for holding related items as well - in this case some of my various extracts and individual tea bags. Easy to grab, easy to find and easy to put back in an organized manner.

What are some of your favorite double duty or super smart organizing tricks?


Kayla and David said...

Velcro remotes! GENIUS!! And we just recently committed to hand washing more dishes to save time, water and money.I think using that crazy microwave tray (that I only use on Thanksgiving day to stack items in the microwave to keep warm) is a great idea!

keishua said...

love the idea with the baking pans. Can't wait to implement it.