Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'm not exactly good at "wordless" but we'll try "mostly quiet" instead. Some images from our recent trip to pick up our 24 organic, freely grazing, local chickens for the year. Film shot with a gorgeous wide-angle lens and a vintage Nikormat SLR soon to be processed and hopefully expand upon the beautiful views.

Barn Friend

Old Friend

The Long Road


k said...

mostly quiet, HAHA :)

door hanger template said...

Those were serene shots. Seeing those would let you feel unruffled. A street as peaceful as that, green fields with those chickens, the dogs on its nap, the barn and the fence would really make you feel relaxed. A break from the urban life.

Tara said...

Beautiful shots T. For a second I thought you got chickens to raise and got all excited for you! And then I realized they were no longer of the clucking variety. We recently got 3 hens (all we're allowed in our city limits) and have been so thoroughly enjoying them. Next time you should bring home some live ones too. :o)

Gina Leigh said...

These are beautiful shots! What film were you using? Do you regularly shoot with film?? I'm sure you know that this would be of particular interest to me. :)

keishua said...

first it's cool that you know exactly how many chickens your family will be eating this year. Second, your brave for butchering a whole chicken. Lastly, loving the pictures.Have a great long weekend.

louisvillechiropractic said...

you make me miss my province.