Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tutorial: Easy arrangements with a simple floral arranger tool


A very quick and easy little tutorial for you today. We're making a floral arranger that will be sure to quickly become a favorite. This handy little arranger makes arranging flowers of all shapes, sizes and weights in almost any depth of bowl or vase a snap. Best yet? Even with the flowers it can be almost free and the entire project, including photos, took me less than 30 minutes. Even if you decide to splurge on flowers you can use less of them to great effect since the arranger holds them in place so well you won't need a ton of flowers to fill a bowl. A great trick for multiple party arrangements (showers, weddings, dinners, etc), a lovely mantle addition or a sweet little wake-up treat on a bedside table.

Technically this is a recycled recreation of a vintage floral arranger which you can sometimes still find on online auction sites or Etsy. Truth is, it's so easy to make, and you probably have most of the items needed anyway, so why buy it?


I'm using a noodle bowl given to me as a gift that I've always loved. We only have this one and it is quite shallow so it is mostly just on display. I did want to show you though, that even a very shallow bowl can host a full arrangement with the arranger in place.


You'll need a mesh bag recycled from some produce (potatoes, perhaps?), the tab seal that comes with it if possible, and filler. You can use marbles for filler, rocks (go raid a driveway!), sea glass, pie weights, or even a large pellet like buck shot - what you need is something weighty and mostly smooth. I considered dried beans but the organic nature of them simply wouldn't work.


Add the filler to the bag, twist and secure tightly. If you don't have the plastic tab you can tie a knot or use a twist tie, no matter. If you prefer you can trim any excess mesh but I prefer to leave it so that I can add or subtract filler for the next container I might use.


Place the arranger in your bowl or vase of choice, add water and plant food if you like.


To arrange: Push flowers or greens between the holes in the mesh and into the filler. I tend to prefer to do one element at a time - I add my greens first, then one flower, then another but you can arrange however you like.


I'm lucky enough to have all these flowers growing in my yard. Even more lucky is that they are fast growers and ofter overtake my fence - I trimmed the excess and used for my arrangement.


There you go - a beautiful arrangement in minutes for nearly no cost. My total cost came to $3.48 for marbles/filler. If you have rocks or other filler available, flowers to pick, and a bag available your cost will be $0. Pretty great for a beautiful addition to your space!


Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

oh my are a genius. yesssss.

1000+1 said...

c'est génial!

Tara said...

I love it! I wonder how you make it work with, say, a big glass vase? I think I've tried just plain marbles in such a vase in the past, but they were either too bulky for tender stems to slide between or too easily shifted around without the mesh bag (which I'm assuming wouldn't be all that visually appealing in a clear container). Still, I never would have thought to use a noodle bowl for a flower arrangement. Really lovely.

Tricia said...

Tara - You can sometimes find the mesh in clear and can fill with all clear marbles, or do the same with all white. It works great in a big vase though - and you can adjust to have more or less filler for your container. You could always line your clear container with another colored vase if you wanted as well, or do the mesh back in the middle and some loose filler on the outside to cover it a bit...

Tara said...

Brilliant! Thanks! I knew if I pondered that question here you'd have an answer for it. :o)

k said...

tricia! i like this little tutorial...i always could use ways to spruce up a place.

Pancakes For Recess (Pawan) said...

Ok, this is such a brilliant idea. I'm totally going to try it. Thanks!

Tricia said...

Ha! We have the same name. And it took me an AWFULLY long time to notice.

Also, love this idea. <3