Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Visiting the Farm: Goats, Soap, and Friendly Faces


For what seemed like both an eternity and a nanosecond it was gloriously, gorgeously summer here. Hot, hot, hot, dipped our toes in the sand/ lake/and grass, drinks with ice cubes, open windows with billowing breezed curtains, simply divine.

Then, as all things do, it came to an end, again. Such is life in the upper midwest.


With all that sunlight and outdoor time the confinement and cold made us all a little itchy to be back outside, basking. Since that simply wasn't possible we did the second best thing - we took a quick field trip to the farm to visit my friend Gretta's goats - and lucky for us Gretta and her husband were there as well!

Gretta is in the process of building her little goat empire - right now making uncommonly scrumptious smelling goat's milk soaps. She also makes to-die-for fresh goat's milk cheeses, but, the dairy industry especially, has hoops, hurdles, and an abundance of trials to work your way through (monetarily and otherwise), so for now we get to simply enjoy her savory yields at "book club" (hint: no one reads the book).


The sweet pygmy's that Gretta is raising couldn't be cuter - they love a good scratch behind the ears, can't get enough of their treats, are playful as puppies, and, in the case of the fiber-producing ones, are rabbit-y soft.


We're lucky to have a place that provides a few warm smiles even when the weather turns cold again...but numb hands make for quick trips so we'll have to visit longer once the sun stays higher in the sky.


Sorry to say you can't get Gretta's awesome soaps online yet - but we're working on that! I'll let you know more details as they are available!

Now you can get Gretta's soaps online at Grettasgoats.com!



The Cilantropist said...

I cant tell you why, but I absolutely *love* goats! These ones were adorable, and you are so lucky that you can visit them (and your friend!). Her soaps and cheeses sound amazing, and it is inspiring to see her pursuing these dreams!

Angela FRS said...

Oh, me too--I have a serious case of goat love. This is like my little dream. I want goats!

EA-The Spicy RD said...

I have a fantasy of one day living on a farm and raising goats. Not sure why...I really enjoyed your post and am happy to have found your beautiful blog!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

My dad grew up with goats and says they are trouble makers.
I love goat cheese and natural soaps.

Tara said...

This brightened my day. It also made me wistful for goat cheese and yogurt. A local goat farm here just started selling greek-style goat yogurt with local berries at the farmers market. I tasted just a smidgen and cursed my lactose intolerance. It is divine. I am a huge fan of goats myself.

Krystal said...

i sooo wish I had some cute little goats to visit!! i run by some but they are up on a hill. i do pet a lot of cows though!