Wednesday, May 4, 2011

52 Pickup: Thank the Mountain

Remember, all 52 pickups are open to interpretation. My interpretation might not be the same as yours - make it yours, make it a mantra, make it life lived well.
This week the pickup is:

Ever feel like you are stuck in an uphill battle? Of course you do. We all do. Endless email, piles of books, magazines or articles to read, overflowing baskets of ____(fill in the blank: craft supplies, tools, clothing, etc.)_____, laundry, laundry, laundry, forms to fill out, bills to pay, notes to write, everything, every one needing your attention...

The mountain. The metaphorical, sometimes physical, sometimes virtual mountain we face daily.

Today? Today we thank the mountain. Today we embrace that pile, the clutter, the backlog. Today we re-contextualize. Take a moment to identify your mountain, then thank it. Thank it for the abundance it brings – how lucky are you to have so much, so many people looking to you for answers, so much clothing, so many wonderful things to read? Thank the mountain for the counterpoint it gives you so that you can delight in it's opposite. Thank it for sharing its space and life with you.

Face your mountain, dead on, and find it's weakness, then, if you are prepared, challenge the mountain. Take it down if you can, so that you can find new mountains, new vistas, new challenges to humble yourself with, new experiences to rise, greet, and grow from.

One of my mountains is, and probably always will be clutter. So much so that last Saturday we cleaned the house and I still thought it didn't "feel clean"...not because I'm compulsive but because I knew the back story. I knew that the box of papers to be dealt with was still there, that the laundry to be folded was still in the dryer - that appearances can be deceiving. Don't get me wrong, even if we were a family of minimalists we would all still have our mountains, still have our struggles, still have our challenges to face.

I think it goes without explanation that there was an overwhelming amount of newsworthy information this week - some leaving me smiling, some raw, some saddened, some torn, but mostly overdone. I was also overdone with the discussion, contrary minds I couldn't change if I wanted, negative opinions and blind eyes – mountains that were not mine to embrace. So I disengaged. I deactivated my Facebook account for at least a week, turned around, and confronted my own life.

I began with the mountain that is my office. While still not complete it is much, much better. I created a pile books and magazines, only this time, instead of just being a pile of like-things I gave it a name. I called it "reward for completion". When I am through, when my mountain has crumbled, I have a reward. For now though, I am happy in my basket of craft supplies waiting to be used, happy in my confined and reduced stack of papers to work my way through. Happy for my organized photography area. I'm glad I have this mountain. Thank you. Thank you to the bills, the lists, the scraps and supplies, the books, the torn pages from magazines - thank you for making me relevant, educated, engaged, creative, inspired, safe, warm, of value...

My next mountain? Virtual clutter. After that? Maybe work, maybe photography, maybe emotional? I can't know, but I can appreciate it's value when it shows itself.

What is your mountain? Are you too much in your mind, too much in your heart, too overdone with "stuff" or "stuff to do"? Can you thank your mountain – is it time you did?


LeAnna said...

Ohhh I heart this post. Indeed it is time to thank the mountain. I have been dreading doing laundry because it's that time where the bed needs to be stripped and gnarly dish towels are looking at me with the side eye. But alas, time to "Thank The Mountain" and dive into the pile with gratitude!

Tara said...

LOVE! So true! I needed help from an acupuncturist in order to thank my mountain this week, but that's just another thing to be thankful for.

And welcome back to the sans-Facebook life! Don't know what happened that made you realize it was time to walk away, but I hope it wasn't as painful as my experience. The good news is, virtual drama is shockingly easy to avoid. You may find a week is too short of a break. :o)

heather said...

This is such a good thoughtful post. I certainly do have a few mountains. And it really does feel good to go through the things that you need to get through (paper wise). I mean now that you mention it... right after I went through years-old papers (i've been out of the country for a long time), the next mountain vista represented itself. A seemingly unrelated emotional mountain. I wouldn't have related it before, but now it seems uncannily part of a necessary timeline.

Reality Check said...

Thanks for this. Today marks day #6 of my daughter being sick and I'm ready, more than ready for her to be done. I love the way you put it, thank the mountain. Without my daughter I wouldn't have known the joy she brings or the life I currently know. I wouldn't go through the stages of mamahood that are so much a part of life.

Thank you. :)