Wednesday, May 11, 2011

52 Pickup: Open the Shut

Remember, all 52 pickups are open to interpretation. My interpretation might not be the same as yours - make it yours, make it a mantra, make it life lived well.

This week the pickup is:

There is just something about the way new-language learners put things that is so endearing. In this case, my daughter often says "open the shut" whenever she wants something opened (a door, a jar, whatever it may be). I love that. I love the idea of naming what it is you want - using more than just a verb to describe an action. Open the shut door. Open the shut mind. There is a lot to be said for (or rather, by) modifiers.

This week think about blocks to your path in life - your desired direction, and say what you want to happen. Out loud. In your head. Whatever you need. Are you struggling creatively? Why? Stumped for ideas? Then maybe it's time to say "open the shut gates to my creativity." Are you behind on paperwork? Piles or work to do and no time? Maybe it's time to say "open the shut time for me to complete this work." Maybe you're on a new path, plowing ahead, paperwork done, creative, everything going great. Maybe it's time to say "Open the shut eyes to possibility" to make yourself see even more changes, opportunities, and ideas.

It never hurts to say your desires aloud, to speak your needs to the universe. Stating your wishes sometimes makes things more clear in our heads, sometimes for others, and sometimes it just seems to open a secret place, out there in the ether, that helps us along. Sometimes all we have to do is ask - especially when it comes to opening closed doors and blocks to our progress.

Just a gentle reminder to knock on all those closed doors and not simply take them for granted as obstacles to work around. No doorknob? No key? No reason to think someone isn't on the other side, listening and able to "open the shut" for you.

This week I threw open the doors to our house and literally "opened the shut" windows, doors, and drapes. The sun and summer came roaring into our lives, welcome, and we greeted with open arms. We needed that warmth still feels like we're on the precipice of winter here, each day waiting with bated breath, for the other shoe to drop, for snow to fall out of the blue.

Though, in opening all those doors and windows it was easy to see all the cobwebs, all the projects started but not finished, those hopes for creativity here, cleanliness there, productivity all around. The glare of bright sunlight can bring all manner of things to light, make the easily ignored in shadow come to the forefront. So this week I'm literally opening the shut doors and I'm hoping to open the shut path to completion for all those projects put off by weather, space, time or lack of effort. I'm asking to open the shut end points and hoping to really muck about in the dirty business or getting things done, once and for all.

I'm also asking to "open the shut" causes behind obstacles that hold me back; fears of both success and failure, silence or lack thereof, and close minded ideas of what is possible. I want to open the shut, wide open, and wander again. It's time to wander, time to breathe, time to enjoy the light on our faces and applaud whatever the light offers - even if it is a revelation of what needs to be accomplished.

What will you asked to have changed this week? Where will you "open the shut"?


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

that is so cute- Open the shut- I love oxymorons.
so glad that we are now connected in more ways!
Your blog is awesome!

Karl said...

That's nice. Maybe it's only her expression. I think it's natural. By the way, your blog is really good.

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