Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Tips: A Stay-Put Cuff and Ick-Free Yoga Mats


Spring and autumn always seem to bring out my button-down shirt 'uniform'. There is just something about an untucked, women's fit, men's styled, rolled cuff classic oxford style shirt that just does it for me. Polo shirts? I always want them to be the answer, but no, the oxford is my happy place.

A long time ago my friend Ian taught me a trick for rolling my shirt cuffs and I've been using it ever since. Why? Because it creates the perfect cuff - no unrolling, clean lines, and just the right length.

Start with an unbuttoned cuff:


Fold the cuff up twice as far as you want to have the cuff fall:


Now fold the already folded section in half again. It seems a little awkward at first but give it a second and work a little at smoothing it out - it'll make sense in a second:


The result is a crisp, secure rolled sleeve!


Another trick? This one is for rolling your yoga mat. Most people start from one end and roll to the other - like a poster, easy peasy...but, if you think about it, you are rolling the back, that was touching the floor, against the front, where you practice and sometimes touch with your face. Kinda icky, no?

To roll your mat so that the floor side doesn't touch your practice side try this:

Fold your mat almost in half, leaving a few inches of space at the top:


Roll from the fold toward the ends. If you've got an eye pillow consider placing it inside the fold (it it's scented you get a delicious wiff whenever you do balasana/child's pose!).


As you roll the space between the two ends will shorten (otherwise, if you fold perfectly in half you'll have an end flapping out). That's it! No more taking the dirty floor with you when you practice!


Even so, don't forget to clean you mat once in a while - a bit of soap and water does just fine (make sure to hang dry before rolling up though). You can buy yoga mat wipes but I've yet to find any not filled with parabens and other not-so-good stuff.

Hope some of these tips helped! Don't worry - no tips for folding fitted sheets - we can only do so much! :)


Andrea said...

I'm going to have to start rolling shirt sleeves that way. So much nicer looking!

Ashley said...

What The Heck In The World?

That's something my friend's kid says. I am saying it now because really? You are into the oxford shirt thing, TOO?! Get outta my brain.

Tara said...

My yoga mat thanks you. I've been bothered by "taking the floor home" with me. How this never occurred to me before I do not know. The sleeve rolling looks like a snap too. Gracias!

Tricia said...

I'm giving a bit thumbs up to all your comments, ladies! :)

mary shouvlin said...

thanks for the yoga mat tip!
most definitely doing that one from now on!


Hatchet Hollie said...

I can't believe i've never seen that cuff idea before!