Wednesday, April 6, 2011

52 Pickup: 13/52

Remember, all 52 pickups are open to interpretation. My interpretation might not be the same as yours - make it yours, make it a mantra, make it life lived well.
This week the pickup is:

In some ways we've already touched on this idea a bit before, but it bears repeating. This week the challenge is to choose to change your mood, your reaction to any given situation in a day - change your reaction from negative to positive (or, at the least contented) - if at all possible, move to a place of gratitude.

Your ability to choose your mood, to work on being a happy person will, undoubtedly bring about positive reactions. An appreciative client, an upbeat customer, a laughing friend - these are the people we want to bend the rules for, to give a little extra to once in a while.

How does that change your fate? Well, 2 ways: perceived and actual fate. In terms of perceived the choice to be happy, positive, is much like creativity: once you mindfully practice appreciation you will take notice of more positive abundance around you - once you begin to be creative, creative momentum will overtake you.

Yes. We all have road blocks. Yes. We stop being creative. The world gets too much. The key is to continue to try to cultivate that compassion for yourself, the world around you, that thankful nature, that smile - small or large, in even your most trying situations.

Actual fate? Well, you never know! A scenario to consider: You are headed to the bus stop. You realize the bus is early and beginning to leave the stop without you. You run after, yelling. The driver stops. You get on. Now, do you say something about the driver being early or do you thank them for stopping? Thank them for stopping. Follow up with an "I really appreciate it." - be mindful, honest, and meaningful about your words. Fumble around in your wallet for your bus card. Realize you've forgotten it. Tell the driver. Driver says "Hey, it's ok. Catch me tomorrow." Sit down next to a breathtakingly gorgeous man/woman. Have an amazing conversation. Get a cup of coffee (because you are early!). Go to work. Get a promotion. Marry person of your dreams and so on and so forth.

Ok, ok the last bit was an exaggeration but hey, it could happen! You never know!

It's no secret that this winter has been a bit rougher than normal. This week alone (yes, all 3 days of it) have been grueling. For the, seemingly, billionth time this year I got sick, then my daughter, now my husband. My dog had to have an expensive and very difficult operation. She's old. We're still waiting on our tax monies. It's cold. It's gloomy. We need haircuts. I'll not go on.

I'm so happy this is our life. I wouldn't change one bit of it. Not one bit. I'm so thankful I could cry daily (and sometimes do). This life is magical.

We're alive. We're healthy though we get sick sometimes. We eat well. We laugh. We have a great home. We have a yard full of possibility - flowers poking up their impossible heads to say hello around every corner, garden boxes waiting to bring food to our table and homes to little creatures. The birds are singing again. The sun is setting later. We have blinds to shut out the sun for long delicious naps. We need very little. We have dreams and ideas. We have warm beds covered in sheets and cozy comforters. We have shoes. We have yoga and time. We have everything. This life is my version of perfection.

The above picture was my Monday. Sitting in the hospital with my daughter, waiting, making sure she was ok, monitoring. She's fine. Thankfully. The whole time we were there I was filled with gratitude. We were in a place filled with people to take care of her should anything be wrong - but there was no threat that anything was severely threatening nonetheless. I was well. We had books and entertainment. My husband was able to bring me lunch. We were very close to home. I have, and had, so much to be grateful for, I could view this situation through positive eyes. It could be so different. It could all be gone, in a mere moment. All of it. There was everything to be thankful for – once I got over my mom jitters and we settled in I reflected on this fact. Apparently so did my daughter.

Growing up my family used to tell me I could choose my mood (and I better choose to be happy). I hated it. Maybe it felt dismissive? I'm not sure. The thing is, they were right. It's been the biggest and sometimes hardest lesson to learn of all those crazy things parents teach you (and, let's be real here, they teach you big stuff - like walking and how to eat).

I can only hope my daughter gets the lesson - remembers to dwell in a place of possibility, positivity, appreciation and joy. So far, she does.

As we headed out of the hospital she stopped. She turned around and yelled at the nurse's station, "I feel better! Thank you! Bye-bye! Later!". Our nurse laughed from around the corner and said to someone, "She feels better!". And that, my friends, is how positivity, choosing your mood, can be infectious...and can change your life.


Brandi said...

Now this one I've been living for some time. My boyfriend and I broke up just before the new year and I was heartbroken, but I decided I was going to find my sunshine and silver lining and whatever and be happy. It was hard at first, but eventually it stuck. I really am happy and love where I am (and where I'm going).

Unknown said...

Thank you. I needed this today. I even saved a copy of your "choose your mood choose your fate" image just so I'd have a reminder.