Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Reads

First up? Not a read at all. A listen more like. I'm in love with The Sixty One. Essentially it is new artists and music - where you can vote on what's good. It cuts out the distribution middleman and pays artists higher sums per sale. But besides that, it makes for amazing background music - and you can skip what you don't like, or favorite what you love - and yes, some songs you can even download. I'm loving The Asteroids Galaxy Tour right now...literally, while I type. The XX is pretty amazing too. Oh shoot - most of it is great. More info here. (Update: FYI there is an app for the iPad if you happen to have one: Aweditorium )

Christoph Niemann's "My Illustrated Life" amused me more than once this week. Awesome cartoonist/illustrator/graphic artist with a brain...makes for a great read/viewing experience. If you think you recognize his name that's because you do. He's the master mind behind Abstract Sunday on the New York Times - which is always a great read.

And that is, literally, all I have for this week - but hey, take your time with them. Or don't - and go out and enjoy a little "real life".

Happy weekend friends!


Melissa@EyesBigger said...

Been listening to The Sixty One all morning - it's great! Thanks for the tip :)

k said...

you rock :) I'm going to check out those had me at with a brain