Wednesday, March 23, 2011

52 Pickup: 11/52

Remember, all 52 pickups are open to interpretation. My interpretation might not be the same as yours - make it yours, make it a mantra, make it life lived well.

This week the pickup is:

This week we retune. We reevaluate where we are and what surrounds us - does it serve us? Is it aiding our life, our path, our goals? Is it a vestige of a time past? Is it a burden or a "it's been there so long I forgot to notice it" type thing? 

We're constantly growing, changing, evolving into and out of the person we want to be: we are never not on a path. Even when we pass on the lore and legend of our selves is passed around through stories and memories. At any given point we surround ourselves with what makes us passionate, the people we associate with - physical and virtual spaces filled with definers of "who we are".

The problem is, we forget to tuck things away in boxes, create real or virtual scrapbooks, cut ties, or otherwise move on. Especially now, here and now, in this forever remembering space of the internet, we are even more laden with the moments, memories, and cues of our past selves. We forget to retune our spaces to the station of where and who we want to be and keep listening to the music of the past.

Don't get me wrong: memory is as powerful an agent of change as anything. Memory helps an addict think past that first drink/dose to reflect on what choices to make, or rather to not make. Memory connects us with family, friends, shared moments and intimacy - it can be a tool for empathy, reigniting love's flame, drawing us back to the person we want to be when we stray from our path. Memory is absolutely, inextricably tied, as much as goals and dreams to becoming who we want to be. What we keep says as much about us as what we let go of though - mindfulness matters, in all spaces and places that define, refine, promote and restrain you.

But. Caveat emptor. What have you bought into or brought into your life that has no purpose there? Where? Why?

By not being mindful we can find ourselves stuck listening to musak: safe, but uninspired. Choosing to retune our stations, our frequency, to associate with people, places, things that drive us forward, incite excitement, humble us we retune our souls and serve the whole of humanity better with our new song. 

Is it time for you too retune your station or song? Which ones? Why?

Radio Dodge Truck Vintage

As many of you know our journey to simplicity has not been easy or fast. Thankfully though the house, the physical space is beginning to feel completely manageable, devoid of excess (starting to, there is always more). That freedom though, that feeling of stress being lifted, made the virtual boons more obvious. How many blogs do I have stored in my reader that I have no true interest in? How many people am I following on twitter that I ignore, or worse yet, kind of annoy me? Same with facebook, bookmarks, junk on my desktop - you name it. Why?


Why am I following along with people on twitter for instance? Because they are supposedly influential? Because someone mentioned them/cares about them? How is that serving my path? Especially if that is no longer the path I want to take? No, I will never be someone that follows 7,000 people on twitter - I simply cannot process that much information, I cannot build meaningful relationships with nearly that many people. That's ok. I am ok with that. 

I'm retuning. I've chosen to actively involve myself with people and products that remind me of the best parts of me that have been forgotten or have yet to fully shine. I've been quietly, yet actively removing, reorganizing, and reevaluating. Meanwhile, I've also been adding. I've been adding back in books and authors I have read or want to read, influences that challenge my mind or creativity, art that pushes boundaries in me. It isn't a matter of overcoming averse moments or influences, it is more a purposeful mindfulness, an active choice to turn up the song I want to hear in myself instead of the deadpan radio that I let play. I'm retuning.

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Brandi said...

Tricia, sometimes it's like you know precisely what I need with these pickups. I need to do a little retuning and spring cleaning this week, I think.