Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Mantle

Spring Dreaming Mantle

I just wanted to show you a few quick pictures of our new spring mantle. I finally decided I had enough I decided to break out some of my favorite white pieces - all my cow creamers, beautiful bowls, etc. Then I repotted some small spring plants from the grocery into jam jars. Add a few springs from our ficus, a couple more little glass jars and voila! A spring mantle.

Spring Dreaming Mantle2

Total cost: $4.50. Everything else was already about the house - just brought together in one place to bring more joy.

Total time: Maybe 20 minutes.


And since everyone...I mean everyone asks about the mirror I'll tell you. We got it at Arhaus (an earth-friendly home furnishings store). It's a hollowed out root ball from a felled tree...with a mirror mounted inside. It's pretty neat, I can't lie.


So there you go! A quick, cheap, and easy way to bring a little spring hope into your space - be it a shelf, a mantle, or a table.

What do you do to bring spring into your space?


Brandi said...

This looks just gorgeous! I can't believe you did it so inexpensively too. And the jars with the flowers? Those are my favorite part.

ane pixestos said...

Lovely mantle display, what fascinating creamers. You asked an interesting question at the end of your post - I'd like to have an answer (and welcome more inspiration on this theme)! For now, I have just changed the ribbon on my potpourri bowl, and open the window more often...

Anonymous said...

Love your look! I really covet that mirror....