Monday, February 28, 2011

Nailed it

I'm not sure why I have beauty products on the brain lately but I do. Maybe it's because I've been wanting to tell you about some products I love for a while, maybe it's because I've started following Glamology on twitter, or maybe it's because I special ordered my new favorite toothpaste and am due for some shampoo. Whatever the cause I have some ideas to throw your way.

The first product I dropped faster than you can read a digital pregnancy test when I found out I was expecting was nail polish. That stuff is toxic, toxic, toxic. The remover is toxic. Everything about nail polish is nasty business - and if I had to go with bare nails for a while to prevent formaldehyde from reaching my baby, I was ok with that. Thankfully, there are options now – at that point it was a pretty big deal that one of the oh-so-loved salon lines was just beginning to talk (read: pretend - they didn't do it) about getting rid of toxic chemicals in their polishes.

Priti was the first really acceptable polish solution I heard about - only at the time it was really difficult to find. Thankfully Priti is easier to find and has a gorgeous (huge!) line of colors now - as well as removers. Plus, their discontinued colors are a great price - more affordable than many polishes on the market!

Priti polishes are formaldehyde, dibutyl phathalate, toluene, and camphor free.  They are also cruelty free and vegan.

Next up: Scotch Naturals. Scotch Naturals polishes are all toluene, dibutyl phthelate, formaldehyde, acetone, and heavy metal free - they are also all water-based, which is a pretty big deal and a huge change in the nail polish business. Per their website: "The journey to healthy, nourished nails is a beneficial one, but it does take time. If you have dry, parched nails, your first couple coats of polish may chip or streak. But don’t be discouraged, it’s just part of the process. As you continue to use our conditioning polishes your nails will become healthy and strong, allowing your polish to shine in all its eco-chic glory." But this is true of a lot of natural products - we'll be talking about that more later this week so stay tuned.

Better yet - Scotch Naturals has a kid's line: Hopscotch - same great idea, lead-free bottles, kid-sized brushes, non-toxic fun for the girly girls and peace-of-mind for parents.

Another water-based lovely is Acquarella which also doesn't contain any "Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde like derivatives, Toluene, Ketones or other petrochemical solvents, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) or other phthalates, Polyurethanes, Parabens, Camphor, Gluten or wheat by-products, or any aromatic hydrocarbons" - also cruelty free and vegan. Acquarella polishes come in a pretty wide variety of colors - for your ever-changing mood or whim.

So, if you are in the market for a new spring color (or autumn - whatever your hemisphere) maybe take a peek at some of the oh-so-friendly options and consider updating your ideas about what nail polish can be as well!

Note: Though it should go without saying none of my posts about products are sponsored or otherwise endorsed. If they are you will know, right away. I tell you about products I love and believe in because I want to - no other reason.


Melissa@EyesBigger said...

Just in time for pedicure season!

Jodi said...

Priti is what we used at our birthday party for the Princess! I have a good stash built up!