Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Reads: Delish Magazine

I had something entirely different lined up for weekend reads this week but I'm just too smitten with Delish Magazine not to share. We know I love my emags, that's not a secret, but I have, secretly, thought they could use a little more content. Delish has content by the bucket.

I realize I was a little late to the party as they are already 3 issues in, but I found it just when I needed it and spent last Sunday pouring over the articles and issues.

The Delish description? Pretty much spot on:

Delish is hip, not hipster. Witty, not obnoxious. Interesting, not self-conscious, and practical. It won't glorify Hollywood standards of beauty and thinness. It won't revel in gossip. It will celebrate true efforts made by real people to live consciously, responsibly and joyously. It will offer information and stories in all areas of life: Live, Work, Look, Feel, Go, Care and Be. It will encourage its readers to, as its tagline says, Live like you mean it.

For instance, this article, "That's the Kind of Mama I Am", by none other than the magazine's own editor, Tamara Komuniecki, really got me thinking, sympathizing, and, I'll admit, a bit teary. The author has arthritis, severely so, and is frank, open, and encompassing in her description of what that means for her as a mother, wife, and woman. It was refreshing, enlightening, and created a world of new understanding in me as a mother and "well" woman.

What I love about Delish is that it has content of value, it dances between DIY/crafts and book recommendations to provoking articles about people creating meaning in their lives or discussing domesticity in its many and varied forms.

Each issue has a theme, the most recent being "Celebrate" but you can also explore "Change" and "Fresh".

Hope you enjoy and have a perfectly productive and restful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hum, delicious find for me! Thanks Tricia--never had heard of Delish! I'm so there....

P.S. Received two wine kits today; life will be good (better?) soon!

Brandi said...

I am definitely checking this out! Thanks for the recommendation, Tricia. Hope you're having a splendid weekend!