Monday, January 31, 2011



Here's a funny one: I don't like tiramisu. I've also never cooked with cardamom...but I just entered a Fig and Cardamom Spiced Tiramisu in a contest. Go figure.

The good news is my husband loves tiramisu. Like, obsessively, disgustingly, loves tiramisu (which is good as he's got a lot to eat)...and I, well, I have a new love for cardamom. Double win!

Fig & Cardamom Spiced Tiramisu

Before I go any further though, you can check out the recipe, "like" it, make comments, whatever you like over on the Food52 site. Food52, by the way, is the brain-child of Amanda Hesser (of abundant New York Times and food-writing fame) and Merrill Stubbs (her partner in crime). The premise is that home cooks make some pretty amazing food. Each week there is a contest with a theme of sorts (this week was cardamom), and the winner's are published in a compilation at the end of the year.

The article mentioned on the Food52 site, on Saveur, about cardamom is really interesting - the final paragraph is the best! Worth a read just for the ending alone!

Fig & Cardamom Spiced Tiramisu2

Things I've learned from this endeavor? Well, for one, photographing tiarmisu or some trifle-like dessert is really difficult. Kudos to people who do it well! Secondly, I realized I love the challenge but the prize isn't all that important - the challenge spurs creativity and invention, and that I always welcome.

Dried Figs

But most importantly I invented another excuse to use and eat figs...and really, that's all I needed to make me happy.

Hope you enjoy the recipe!


Brandi said...

I love any excuse I can get to eat figs. This recipe of yours sounds really interesting. Can I come over for some left-overs? Seriously, any time you need a taste-tester, I'm there for you.

CandaceAshley said...

I love tiramisu so much! I have a super easy recipe when I do make it, but it does include the lady fingers! Such a good post though! I have never had it with fig and cardamon recipe though, so this was a treat!

k said...

Our friends just taught us out to make easy right!

Tricia said...

@CandaceAshley - there are ladyfingers in there - no worries ;)