Monday, January 3, 2011

Reframing: Going Bankrupt

Ever multitasking – I'm painting frames and bulletin boards, 
doing laundry, etc as well today.
I create clutter while clearing it out, yes. Such is life.

I'm spending the day today going bankrupt. I'm clearing out my inbox, my blog reader, my desk piles, and everything else that simply amounts to clutter when not attended or enjoyed. It's a funny thing how those "things" we collect to bring us closer to joy, our passions and hobbies, or to other people can create so much stress.

So I'm getting rid of all of it. Starting from scratch so I can fully appreciate every blog post I read, every magazine page I turn, every email I get. I'm calling it quits and going bankrupt – the most fulfilling empty there is.

If you are just trying to get started on those new resolutions or back at work and feeling overwhelmed try spending some time going bankrupt. No, you don't have to just blanket delete your whole inbox, but take some time and really clean it out, get as close to zero (or filed away) as you can.

The first time I declared bankruptcy, ruthlessly culling and abandoning the unread, unenjoyed, or unnoticed it was stressful. What if I needed something? What if I would want it later? None of that transpired. The world came nowhere close to ending. Now I declare bankruptcy at least once a month in email and in my RSS reader. It's completely refreshing...and addictive!

Next step for me? Writing thank you notes with meaning - which will be so much more enjoyable and easy to do when my mind, and space are free of distractions and clutter.

Hope that you find some time to give yourself a fresh start this week. You deserve more peace. The people (and dare I say, objects...they are someone's work, after all) deserve to be given more concerted attention. Calming clutter can do both. Don't be afraid to go bankrupt if that's what it takes!

Good luck friends!


Anonymous said...

Very good idea. I need file emotional bankruptcy.... :-)

Brandi said...

I think sometimes, going bankrupt is precisely what you need to do. Frankly, there's nothing nicer than going to bed with an empty inbox, reader, whatever. It gives me peace of mind and fresh start every day.