Monday, January 10, 2011

Black Ice

Lake Hockey 4

Black ice, glare ice, whatever you want to call it...we've got it on the lake right now. It's magical. The ice is glassy, slick, perfection for skating. Just under the surface are bubbles, clouds, fissures formed from cooling, heating, cooling again and again.

Black Ice

Crossing paths with the cracks are scars from skates. A dusting of snow in places, or shaved ice from sudden stops and turns of skaters.

Lake Ice

Meanwhile, the ice, the lake makes an eerie sound. Like drums almost, a dull thumping, the source completely unidentifiable, the sound ethereal and unearthly. If you are silent and listen you can understand the source of countless myths - pre-distraction and modern "conveniences".

Lake Ice 2

We went to the lake, no skates, just around dusk. My daughter had never been on ice before, my husband never skated on a lake. Both said the same thing as they made their first steps onto the lake, "WOW!"

Lake Hockey 2

Neighbors played hockey, taught their kids to skate, took their dogs for walks along the ice, enjoyed the perfection of the ice and shared in the amazement of nature. 

Lake Hockey 1

As it got cold and we decided to end our adventure Eh wanted nothing more than to stay there, forever if possible, to walk across the entire lake, run if she could. 

Skating Pair

And so, my dream, my quiet hope that I could teach my dear girl to skate, to share with her my countless afternoons as a child, seem nearer than ever.

Next year: skates. This year: a gorgeous memory.


Jesse said...

Those ice detail shots are amazing.

Tricia said...

Thanks Jesse!

ane pixestos said...

How beautiful!

Unknown said...

these pictures are amazing! You got the gift!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! When we lived in Alaska we had a neighborhood lake and we so loved skating there and running home to drink hot chocolate! Sometimes skating and ice fishing, all at the same time. Ahhh.

connie said...

Magical and mysterious visions of the ice.
Dreamlike visions of it's use. A visual story without words. Extremely well done.

Sandie {A Bloggable Life | 365} said...

What an endearing post! And Tricia, those close-up shots are mesmerizing. Just lovely!

Brandi said...

It's gorgeous. I kinda want to frame it. And the photos of the people skating are all so incredibly beautiful. I always used to dream of having my own pond to ice skate on...

Tara said...

I've never seen that in person. It looks breathtaking. Thanks for sharing T!

k said...

did you take all of those beauuutiful pics??

graybird22 said...

Gorgeous photos! I skated on a lake once as a kid and it was wonderful. I can't wait to teach Sarah to skate! -Anna

Tricia said...

Thanks everyone! It snowed today so black ice no more!

Krystal - yep (was just being lazy and didn't watermark).

Anna - we should have a skating party!

graybird22 said...

Totally! My old skates are a little small, but I'm sure I could cram my feet into them for a while. ;)