Wednesday, January 26, 2011

52 Pickup: 4/52

Remember, all 52 pickups are open to interpretation. My interpretation might not be the same as yours - make it yours, make it a mantra, make it life lived well.

This week the pickup is:

Do you have conditions and contingencies to be met before you allow yourself to grow? Do the dishes have to be done in order for you to take time to knit?

Do you note who was last to call whom in a friendship and let that limit you when you want to pick up the phone?

Would you really work harder if you had a raise?

What is holding you back from the growth you want to achieve?

This week try to take note of the conditions you set for yourself that hinder your growth.


"Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary: impossible." Robert Schuller

This little guy is a cutting from our ficus. The ficus that we've had since before we were married. That ficus has lived indoors and out, upstairs, downstairs, in houses and apartments, but the best growing it ever did wasn't in a pot.

A few years ago we had a dinner party. Having spent my money on the food, the decoration had to be minimal, so, I took a few cuttings from the ficus and popped them in small vases and vials with a touch of water.

Weeks later I realized one cutting was still alive. I went to pull it out of the tiny egg vase it was in and low and behold, it had roots so large it couldn't be removed. The little plant simply wanted to grow. It grew without a single, appropriate condition: no soil, very little water, not much light to speak of (it was on a shelf)...and yet it grew and grew until it was too big to be contained. 

I watered that little cutting and tended to it after that - and it continued to flourish. Finally, by accident, the little vase broke, and I replanted the roots and cutting into the same pot as it's parent - where it continues to grow. 

Sure, a cutting of a branch is not the same as a human, but in it's simple desire to be more, in its single-minded, unhindered goal that tiny cutting became what is now a huge plant, not a single proper condition met for it's early progress; and we can, if we choose, move beyond our demands, expectations, and conditions to grow, achieve and become someone unimaginably beautiful.

"Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day." Zen Proverb


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful example to use in allowing us to see ourselves. Beautiful. Thank you!

Brandi said...

Tricia, I just love the story of the little ficus. I've never really thought about the conditions I've put on things, though thinking back I know school is a big one for me. It's hard for me to start many of the projects I want to when I do have to prioritize and put schoolwork first. I'm not sure how to do things otherwise. At least, not yet. You've really given me something to think about.

Sandie {A Bloggable Life | 365} said...

This is a beautifully crafted post. Not only do I love how you illustrated your point, I love the point itself. It is so important to remember how we hinder ourselves. Limits are like labels: their simplicity hide their inherent danger. Keep up the impeccable writing & photography---both take my breath away!

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed to hear on this day. Thanks!