Monday, December 13, 2010

Repurposed Receptacles: White on White

I tried to resist but I just couldn't - I've got vintage vases on the brain. I stumbled upon a whole new onslaught of beauties I'm now coveting. How beautiful are these vintage (or vintage inspired) vases and carafes?

I could probably write an entire post just about how obsessively in love I am with all of Alyssa Ettinger's pieces. There is nothing not completely perfect about her porcelain pieces - from the colors to the construction. Divine.

The pristine white affection led me to Beebleboy Vintage Homewares - where I could also die and go to heaven. Every piece is more exquisite than the last - each more stunning. Makes me dream of long rustic farm tables and delicate little hands who never disturb breakables.

And since I clearly can't resist casts of vintage bottles, I had to take a peak at this little gem from Rebecca Barfoot.

Ahh to have enough shelving, money, and light to appreciate simple, beautiful things.

Do you have a favorite vintage vendor? Tell me about it - I'd love to take a look! What about a favorite vintage piece - does it mean something special to you, why?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I so love vintage white vases. You can put anything in them and amazingly enough, while antiquing/thrifting, you can usually find them at quite a bargain. I'm really coveting that last vase; I've got just the spot for it! :-) Lisa

Melissa said...

i have been in love with Alyssa Ettinger's milk bottles for MONTHS. I'm dying to get a few to use as props. Maybe in the new year. They scream summer to me.

Unknown said...

Wow, these are beautiful!