Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Have you ever bought a gift for someone and then become so positively smitten with it that you couldn't bear to see it go? I did. This year in fact.

I tried to give it to the intended recipient. I really did. But I couldn't...and neither could my husband, apparently, after he snatched it away from me and shoved it deep into my Christmas stocking!

The day I brought home the Keel's Simple Diary we sat at the dinner table, Em, Heather, and, of course, moi, and we each completed a page. It was deep. It was insightful. It was hilarious. It was obscure.

It was perfection.

It was simply the best diary I have laid eyes on. You still have a log of days but the answers perhaps more illuminating than expected.

For example:

Can you read that? If not go to the Simple Diary site and browse around - you'll find the sample pages.

Another example? Answer these:

Your day was: (  ) a good call. ( ) showtime. (   )a cold shower.
Explain why: 

(  ) You cope. (  ) You hope. (  ) You dope. (  ) You know.

Let's be spontaneous

This is finally under control:

A secret passion you are dying to share with those who deserve it:
Instant Gratification:
1) Ripping up paper and throwing it in the basket.
2) A vacant elevator standing by, going your way.
3) Slamming someone else's car door.
4) Sneezing.

The premise behind Simple Diary is, well,  simple - the world is filled with technology, over-saturated in fact - we need to reconnect with our selves. We need simple prompts. We need to dig deeper.

If you have a few extra moments check out the videos on the site - I think you'll be surprised at the diversity of answers to simple prompts such as "say one thing to the world" or "what makes you happy".

I won't lie. I'm really excited to get into my stocking this year!

Text for example and images all via

Note: I was in no way compensated, requested, or otherwise encouraged to tell you about Keel's Simple Diary. Although, honestly, I wish I had some to giveaway to my faithful readers right now because they are that awesome...and if someone had asked me to tell you about them (which they didn't) I would have said the same stuff as above. Well worth the $13-15 investment.


melissa said...

i think i just found another thing I need to add to my wishlist. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like. It's like a nice version of the "slam" book we used to have in 7th grade!

Gloria said...

this is such a sweet and fun spin on journals - love it!

Unknown said...

I picked up a copy of my own Keel's Simple Diary, also intending to gift it t someone (I purchase my holiday months in advance). I spent so many weeks looking through it, myself(and even found inspiration for a couple of blog posts), I finally decided I could not gift someone a gift that was no longer new and had been completely read through and try to pass it off as purchased for her. Mine is lime green, which means I either like moss, am a snake, or dislike golf. What did the tangerine mean? Yay1 I'm so happy to see someone else was as smitten with the diary as me!

Tricia said...

Yay! Tangerine means I could like sweatpants (don't own any), are distracted (all the time), dislike quiet (mmm, well I DO like music on most of the time sooo, maybe).

It's the best!