Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Put it on a stick. Oh you thought I was kidding?

Maybe you follow {every}nothing wonderful on Twitter (maybe you don't). Perhaps you saw this (or not):
Oh. You thought I was kidding?

Oh no, I wasn't. Just wait. 2011: The year I put everything on a stick. When I get famous from it you'll see, I was right.

In fact, I'm going to judge all projects based on four main categories: Originality, execution, taste (aesthetic or actual), and "if it's better on a stick".

Of course "If it's better on a stick" is a sliding scale. For instance: Children's Books. Not better on a stick, impaling danger, +10 points for not putting it on a stick. Versus: Cake. Clearly, better on a stick (and gateway to success?). Mmm hrmm. +10 for fame-factor.

Other "on a stick" products?

We'll start with your face. Still not kidding. And no, we won't discuss how a head should never be a "ka bob".

Your facial hair (or lips).

Your drink.

Your food. All of it. From the infamous corn dog to biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, the aforementioned cake, and everything else for that matter (everything else including camel. Barf face).

And after you eat you'll need to clean up. With your soap. On a stick.

And since we'll need some culture a Museum. ON A STICK.

By this time your kid will want a toy. Or candy. So you can get them balloons on a stick and a giant gummy bear on a stick, while you take a break to check your email...on a stick.

Need I say more? 2011: The year I put everything on a stick.

Should we open up an "On a stick challenge"...oh, I think we shall...

Bring it (on a stick).


Anonymous said...

Ah, stick it, will ya?!

Janie | We Heart Paper said...

Happy Holidays~! (on a stick)