Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Orange you glad I didn't take the ugly orange?


A cautionary tale for all of you who recently aquired fancy new cameras or who decided to start a blog this year:


Phone call to my husband 5 minutes ago:

Me: Did you take my good orange?

Em: Your good orange?

Me: Yeah, you know, the one with the leaf on it. I said I wanted to photograph it.

Em: Um. (silence). I still have the leaf. I can glue it back on.

Me: Ugh! I said I wanted to photograph it!

Em: I just grabbed the one on the pile (I will admit, there is a bowl of oranges, it was on the top, I should have moved the orange in question). I can glue the leaf back on. I still have it.

Me: C'mon! You should have known! Leave the pretty one!

Em: Um, ok. I'll take the ugly one next'll probably want the ugly one too, right?

Me: Well...yeah...I will. Leave the pretty one and the ugly one.

Em: Ok, I'll take the normal one. (pause). It was a really good apple though.

Me: It was an orange! See, you don't even know what you took!

Em: I took an apple and an orange.

Me: Hoarder.

Em: So, did you you call me about anything else?

Me: No.

Em: I still have the leaf...


Consider yourself warned.


Janie | We Heart Paper said...

OH MY GOSH, THIS POST IS HILARIOUS. This totally reminds me of a conversation that my husband and I had about which macarons he could eat. They weren't all round (my piping sucks) and I needed them in sets to make pretty macarons. You guys sound hilarious. H I L A R I O U S. Did I mention this cracked me up? :) xo

linda said...

HAHA. oh so funny!

melissa said...

ahahahahaha... so totally.

Laura said...

Haha I definitely have had these moments... I often feel silly about it in retrospect but I can't really help it... Love the photo though!

Sandy a la Mode said...

phhahahahahahh I LOVE THIS~!!!! too hilarious! this happens to me and my husband too, since i always want to photograph things i eat!!

SocksAndMittens said...

Oh, this is so funny! it could be me and husband :)

Wendy said...

I have *totally* had this conversation with my husband!!! Thanks for the laugh :)

Tricia said...

Thanks Laura!

Good to know I'm not alone :p