Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(Not so much) Homemade Holidays: 5-Minute Rolo-Pretzel (Not really) Cookies

It's not that I don't love you, dear reader, but I seriously thought twice about posting this one. I mean, it goes against most everything I live and breathe. And yet, I know that people are totally crunched for time during the holidays and a 5 minute treat is a fabulous solution. (Somehow I know Mabel Hoffman is out there, chuckling about bitter irony while sipping her Padré Punch, about this one...I can just feel it. Shush up Mable, we all need a break sometimes!)

AND since my sister-in-law essentially told me that she would stop speaking to me if I didn't send these at Christmas again, SO I had to make them...I'll share. Begrudgingly. Because you can do the same thing by making your own caramel, melting your own chocolate, and putting your own pretzels into the mix. But that would take about 4 hours longer. BUT you could do laundry at the same time!

Sigh. Ok. I'm calling these Heaven and Hell Cookies, even though I'm betting they have a real name...I can't bring myself to search engine this one. Heaven, because they taste like that. Hell, because they are not-local, not-sustainable, not-homemade (much), and not-good for you. Just putting it out there. But, I already ate 8 of them so just jot my name down in the "diet resolution" sector for New Years resolutions and let's move on...

*These are also "Heaven and Hell" for the number of sentences beginning with "and" or "but" in the above description. I blame this entirely on the mostly manufactured cookies.

Heaven and Hell Cookies


Pretzels Snaps
Nuts - pick your preference. I like pecans and walnuts the best.


1) Preheat oven to 250F.


2) Lay pretzels on baking sheet.


3) Put Rolo candy on top of each pretzel.

4) Bake for 5 minutes.


5) Remove from oven and immediately put a nut on top of each Rolo/Pretzel thing (good word, huh?) - push down slightly.

6) Cool.

7) Try to share. Be nice if someone "steals" one off the community platter. Pretend you don't know that the entire project took 5 minutes. Give to my sister in law.

The end.

And now you know...I made that. Sigh again.


Kathryn said...

Love, love, LOVE these

Janie | We Heart Paper said...

Haha I love the title of your post! And also your post! You're too funny.

Janie | We Heart Paper said...

P.S. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to make something. All that matters is how delicious it is :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I so love making (and eating) these simple candies. Everyone loves them!

Sandie {A Bloggable Life} said...

I love these. There's a variation that goes on my food blog(s) every year, and they're always popular. Never tried the Rolo variation, but I hear they are indeed yummy. And at least you topped them with nuts---that's healthy! :)

Sandy said...

I love this post! Terrific idea, well stated, super appreciated.