Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taking Time for You: The Luxury Basket


It's a cleaning, organizing, paperwork kind of day here. It might be that same sort of day for quite a while, actually - I'm in a bit of a spring cleaning mode and I'm going with it.

While tucking something away in the master bathroom I spotted a basket I made - and thought I would pass on the tip.

Last year I decided to do a major clean up in our bathroom and linen closet. I tossed, donated, culled, and cleaned out everything we didn't need or use. What I was left with, ultimately, was a pile of really beautiful soaps, lotions, creams, bath salts, etc...almost all of which had been gifts and almost all I set aside because they were "nice". Do you do that? Set aside a beautiful bath product someone gave you because it's "special'?

I found a basket and filled it up with every wonderful product we never or rarely use. I put the salts into a nice jar and scented them with an oil we like. Anything I couldn't use because of my sensitive skin I gave to a local women's shelter. Then I tucked a basket under my side of the sink, a basket under my husband's side of the sink and filled those with our daily odds and ends. The "special" basket went right in the middle, easy to see and access.

I told my husband what was there and that we were to use everything in it - that we needed to pamper ourselves more and everything was right there, in the basket. It worked! We took more baths, used more of the pampering gifts we had been given, and took more time for ourselves. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to take a break, to use the "good stuff".

The luxury/pampering basket is an easy, inexpensive (more like free) way to treat yourself - plus you get a cleaner space out of the deal! Win - win!

Go ahead, pile up all those bath and body products that filled your stocking in a basket and put it somewhere you'll see and use it - you deserve it!.


theFromagette said...

Ahhh, luxury... you're speakin' my language. And you are so right. Why do we stash the good stuff?? I call days like this a lotions + potions day...yummy, isn't it!!

Gina Leigh said...

Great tip!! I love your glad to have found you. :-)