Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homemade Holidays: Inspirations (part 2)

I had just barely posted the inspirations and tutorial links yesterday when I stumbled on more that I just loved, and so, here we are, with even more inspiration.

But I have to tell a quick little story, if you'll so indulge me. It's snowing. Not much, but it is snowing. Our daughter has seen snow before and, in fact, loved it - but I'm not so sure she really wrapped her little brain around the whole concept. Yesterday it began to snow ever so slightly and she kept saying, "Uh oh! The snow drop! The snow fall! Uh oh!" and, try as I might, I couldn't convince her that snow...falling...was ok.

Today I asked her to look out the window so she could see snow falling during daylight. "What's that?" I asked. "Oooooh! Bubbles!" she replied. I tried to be gentle, "No, honey, it's snow." "Oooooh! Snow bubbbles!"

Snow bubbles.

I have to ponder, if the wonder of childhood is in the child's eyes or our own, because my wonderment at Eh's fascinating turns of phrase are pretty endless.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program:

Many of you know my adoration for Sweet Paul Magazine - it continues to go unchecked. Today is no different. Starting today, and for the next 25 days, a craft, idea, or recipe will be posted on their website. I'm already loving this idea and the very first craft - this beautiful knit star, a perfect re-purpose craft, and a warm and inviting tree-topper.

Speaking of stars - how easy and a stunningly understated beauty are these sweet star garlands (or gift toppers, or elegant ornaments, or...) from Creature Comforts? Apparently I'm on a Scandinavian kick?

If you like Creature Comforts you'll love Gifted Magazine - it's chock full of tutorials (like both shown above) and splendid gift ideas from incredible small businesses. Gifted is free - and fabulous!

While you're there check out the "More to Love" page - oodles of free printables, from wrapping paper to gift tags and tutorials.

Many of you probably know and love Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day (I've mentioned her uber talented husband here before) but, if not, here's a sweet garland you won't want to miss. In this case Jordan purchased the felt balls, pre-made, but wool felting is, as I understand, pretty easy and worth giving a try (I have an order in for wool now, I'll let you know!) - so you could do the whole project start to finish, or take the simpler route as shown here. Either way, how cute is this garland for any holiday?

If that garland got your fancy then you're sure to love this one as well. Seasonal, simple, inexpensive to boot - this acorn garland from The Magic Onions is another one that can decorate all season long and into the new year.

And if you like the two above garlands then you'll probably love felted acorns. There are a variety of tutorials out there but basically it's this - glue a felt ball in an acorn cap. Really, that's it. You can felt the balls if you like (I love this video from Wildly Woolly for a great demonstration) or buy them pre-done, just like with the garland.

For the ornaments above check out Betz White's tutorial here (or what about this fabulous felt ornament too?)

Before I continue down the slippery slope of acorns (seriously) and garland (I love both) I'll leave you to your crafting and homemade holiday gifting!


k said...

snow bubbles, that is so cute :) :)

themagiconions said...

What gorgeous inspiration you have shared with us... so many super stunning things we can make. And, thanks for the link love :-)
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