Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa,

This is the first year my little one is finally "getting it" about Santa. While I will admit that today, at home, I am a bit over it holiday-wise I'm really looking forward to my husband being home...and to the beginning of our Santa traditions.

First up? Penning a letter, of course! I'm thinking a few crayons and plain paper will do the trick since we're barely able to stay on the page just yet.

Next? She'll watch her message from Santa from the Portable North Pole. That's already waiting and ready to go.

Then? Making cookies with Dad (and Mom...maybe). I'm thinking oatmeal - it's basic, I know, but it is remotely healthy - and chocolate free.

And the final touch? These completely adorable snowman milk jugs.

The next day is the present extravaganza, of course - and grandparent cuddles!

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Anonymous said...

Happy holidays to your family! :-) Lisa