Thursday, December 2, 2010

Color love, love color

I have a thing for color wheels. I don't know why but I do. I'll blame on my artist mother because that seems like the place a psychologist would pick...and I'm ok with that assessment. Even after a harrowing and nearly debilitating run in with a art-class handmade color wheel/shading chart (in which someone bumped into me, I stabbed myself in the cheek with a paintbrush and had a nasty hue of alizarin crimson under my eye for 3 days), I still love color wheels. My love runs deep as alizarin crimson stains, I suppose.

Lately it's all I can do not to buy a bunch of things I don't need simply for adhering to the color wheel motif. The color wheel meme? Are color wheels the adult version of a rainbow? Don't answer that.

I'm lusting for this beauty from Yellow Owl Workshop, available directly or from Buy Olympia.

After months and months of rumination I still have no where to put these fabulous knobs...but I might have to invent a reason soon. Available both in store and at Anthropologie online.

This would certainly brighten up a grey day, right? Grey or gray? Again, don't need it but that doesn't stop me from wanting it! Available at Uncommon Goods or the MoMa Store.

And just because it's (nearly) Christmas. And at Christmas you tell the truth. To me, [this oldie but goodie card is nearly] that movie. This Seltzer color wheel holiday card is available from Greer, Seltzer, and PaperSource, among others.

Are you a color wheel nut too? Tell me everything you're lusting for. No don't. DO!


Mr Yen said...

Here's a colour wheel print you might like! -

Melissa said...

I love the umbrella - no surprise when I saw you could get it at the MOMA shop - spent a few hours in there in October and nearly bankrupted myself. I'm a sucker for bright colours and I get sucked in by the Pantone products too. I'd love to own one of their swatch books but I'd settle for a mug:

Shenee said...

Oh my gosh, those colorful door knobs. Amazing.