Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day!

As many of you know I spent a considerable period of time in Canada when growing least 5 years or so, and while, as adults that's a rather short period of time, as an impresionable young girl, the time was extensive and impressive. Many lessons, traditions, holidays, and impressions have stayed with me throughout the years – Boxing Day is probably one of my favorites.

Boxing Day is, essentially, a holiday (bank and otherwise) - though for me it always meant more. The etymology and origins or the term are a bit muddy at best but for some reason it became impressed upon me that Boxing Day was the day you boxed up all the old toys, Christmas decor, and other oddities and gave them to the needy, put them away, or discarded the clutter.

I have no idea why but the idea of boxing things up on Boxing Day makes me positively giddy. The idea of physically and mentally cleaning up the clutter after what, let's admit, is a pretty hectic holiday is entirely spring...


Speaking of spring, my mom just got back from a month in Australia and I, wildly excited, got a stash of Donna Hay magazines and cookbooks to delight me for at least a year (then again, just one copy would do that). Can I simply say this though, a spring magazine, in the dead of winter, in the near-tundra, is the most singularly refreshing, uplifting, soul-filling thing ever?


The hour I spent pouring over the October/November issue made me feel like a whole new person - light! Fresh, succulent veggies! Bicycle rides in lush green hills! There is hope! And while I love the newly fallen snow we're just received (again), a little reminder of spring makes me want to sing.


And so, in the spirit of Boxing Day I hope to get done my spring cleaning early this we'll have more time for picnics and peonies, planting and popsicles.


Hoping this new year brings you a feeling of excited ambition, refreshment and hope - a spring time for your soul. Happy Boxing Day, friends!


P.S. Will tell you much more later but that wood, under the magazine? Part of my amazing husband's gift to me. Amazing, amazing. I'm keeping him, for sure.


jane said...

merry christmas tricia.

enjoy the donna hay magazines :)

Anonymous said...

Nice--I've never heard of Donna Hay...
Love the barn wood-have fun with it!
I love your meaning of Boxing Day--I might create one for myself!

melissa said...

Interesting... I'm Canadian and I've never heard your definition before! My mother is English and I grew up understanding it was a day to give to those less fortunate than yourself, or, in days gone by, to the household staff. But really, nowadays it's just the Canadian equivalent of Black Friday in the US.

PS. LOVE Donna Hay. I'm happy as a clam looking at the photographs, never mind trying the recipes!

Brandi said...

Boxing Day is a really brilliant idea -- I guess after all the craziness of Christmas, it helps to put things away and give what you can to those who need it (love that part). For years I saw it on the calendar and always thought it had something to do with the sport of boxing. Ah, to be a kid.
And that magazine looks just like what I need for a day all snowed in.
Happy Christmas recovery!

melissa said...

i just realized that you DID say stuff gets boxed up to give to the needy. I think I skimmed... sorry! :)

Tricia said...

Ha! Melissa - It's ok! I was distracted by Donna too...she's just disorienting like that ;)