Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Reads: Printing and Planning

Once the dust of autumn settles a bit I find myself in full-on planning and preparation mode. Which means I'm either cooking, listing, or crafting something. I appreciate any help I can get and lately it has come from a myriad of awesome sources. Here are a few lot I hope you'll enjoy as well.
Katie Goodman, of goodLife {eats}, in collaboration with 15 other bloggers (fifteen!) has recently published a Thanksgiving ebook and planner - for free. It's available from Life...Your Way and is a veritable mecca of planning related printables, recipes, tips, tricks, decorating ideas, etc. Can I mention that Life...Your Way, I'll admit, a little overwhelming, a lot there, has everything - everything - you need if you are a planner, blogger, mom, wanting financial, success, or other resources.

Click here to go to the Thanksgiving planner. Or maybe you need a Christmas planner.  Or general home management materials (click the link, trust me, you need something there).

Kind Over Matter recently put together this great collection of free printables. (A hem, husband? See that date one? If you don't use it I will. Just sayin'.)

Follow me for a weird little journey here. Amanda Oaks is one of the bloggers behind Kind Over Matter. Which reminded me of Jen Oaks, an artist, who did one of my favorite free printables ever (ever, ever) over on Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project. And so I give you, more free printables - this time art, featuring Jen Oaks, one of my favorites (though I have a lot of favorites there)!

Ok, moving on to some paid, but great stuff. Modern Emotive has some great to do, to buy, to make type notepads. Trust me, you want to get in this on because she just moved into the big time and is going to be featured in very notable shops soon. Her Etsy shop is here.

You probably know by now I'm a huge fan of the library, as is my kid...which means we have a ton of library books floating around at any given point in time. I'm pretty good at keeping my eye on them but sometimes one just gets away from you. The overdue book calendar helps. Plus it's totally cute. And it's cheap. And you can print it from home and have it right away. It's pretty perfect.

Lauren, aka Aunt June also makes really cute and totally affordable totes as well. Check her out!

Are you in planning mode too? Any resources to share?

Have a happy, abundant, and productive weekend!


k said...

Ohhhh, that is fabulous and could be so helpful!!!!

Adele {modernemotive} said...

Thanks so much for featuring my notepads Tricia and for you kinds words. So nice of you!