Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun and Games {download}

Since you can get great Thanksgiving place cards and signage downloads all over the internet I decided to offer you something a little different. How about some fun and games? Nothing fancy, black and white for super easy printing or photocopying, but might add a little fun to your day. Or distraction. Whatever you need.

First up we have games - don't worry the solutions are on the second page of the PDF. These can easily be cut apart or kept all on one page - pick, choose and print as you like.

What about rewards?
Use these printable cards for game prizes or put in a bowl at the door and let people draw a surprise card. Maybe slip them under everyone's plates for an appetizing surprise. Use however you see fit.

There are blank cards for filling in (see the above suggestion) or use the pre-done ones. Again - black and white for super easy reproduction, no die-lines or anything - just cut up and go - no need to be perfect when it's all in good fun!

Have a great holiday and make sure to share a few laughs with your family and friends.

How else might you use these reward cards? Do you play games at family gatherings?


Krystal said...

These will totally keep me entertained :)

Sandie {A Bloggable Life} said...

What a great idea! Aren't you just the clever cleaver--love the downloads :)