Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homemade Holidays: Scents-ational Seasonal Greetings

Talk about quick and easy - this super-fast little craft will take your seasonal greetings to the next level in no time!


Note cards, greeting cards, gift tags or whatever other paper you would like to scent
Scent (see note and ideas below)
Small bowl

For the scents you can use any number of materials you probably already have on hand in your kitchen (some common ones listed below), or more expensive essential oils. If you are using essential oils I recommend diluting them with a bit of water. For the most part clear liquid scents are easier to work with as they won't dye the paper, but, in the case of some scents, their color can be carefully applied and incorporated into your design (see "fire").

If your card has an image of fire consider liquid smoke.
If your card has an image of candy/peppermints consider peppermint extract.
If your card has an image of cookies consider vanilla, coconut, or almond extracts.
If your card has an image of flowers consider rose blossom extract.
If your card has an image of fruit consider orange, lemon or lime extracts.
If your card has an image of a hot beverage consider chocolate or coffee extracts.


Step 1

Get set up. Decide what you'll be scenting, pour extract or scent into a small dish, and allow ample room for things to dry.


Step 2

Decide where to apply scent (inside of card or outside, where on image) and brush on. Be careful to stay within the pattern if using a colored extract or oil as both with stain or mark the page. It is always advisable to spot test any paper and scent combination before beginning.


Step 3

That's it! Set aside your cards to dry completely. Write a lovely note and send away!

Note: The cards seen above are from the uber-talented Robert Sabuda's 2005 The Christmas Alphabet collection, published by Running Press as a card collection and Orchard Books as a book. Sorry to say, both are out of print but, there are many other fabulous designs on Robert Sabuda's website and plenitudes of amazingly talented designers, printers, and stationers.

In honor of Small Business Saturday here are just a few purveyors and providers of fine stationery I can highly recommend. Give them a visit online or in-store! (In no-particular order)

Greer (Chicago)
Broadway Paper (Milwaukee)
Kate's Paperie (Various locations, New York)
Paper on Pine (Philadelphia)
Paper Place (Austin)
Paper Affair, Bumblebee Press, or Paces Papers (Atlanta)
Maido Stationery (San Francisco - just picking one because San Fran is a mecca of amazing stationery shops!)
Two Hands Paperie (Boulder)

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Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, the card is sooo beautiful! so perfect for xmas!