Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homemade Holidays: Other Inspirations

There are so many fabulous tutorials and ideas out there I just had to share a few quick links.
The lovely sisters behind the Eighteen 25 blog put together this glittering tree tutorial - and see that fabulous seasonal print in the middle there? And the bunting banner? Well, they're giving those away as a free download as well!

These fabulous homemade votive holders could easily double as a stylish pen cup, petite bowl, or other storage solution. Easy, fast, and unexpected! From the gals over at Lemon Tree Creations – They've got oodles of other great ideas too, so be sure to give the blog a browse!

How's this for fabulous? Laura Belle over at OhHi Blog takes it up about a thousand notches with these gorgeous floss covered branches - gorgeous for decorations all year round or as simple package sweetness.

Into Advent Calendars? Not into decorating your mantle - well this should provide the perfect two-for...easy as could be, plenty of room for prizes, toys, or heck - fill each tin with a thought to ponder, a sweet little "coupon" for your spouse, scripture if you're into that, maybe an ingredient each day and a recipe each week - whatever your fancy! Or maybe go see what Andy at Poppies at Play puts in her tins!

Do you have a favorite tutorial? Let me know below - perhaps I'll do another round-up!


CandaceAshley said...

Cute ideas! I tell myself each year I am going to do something fun each holiday for my wrapping, but you know it comes too fast each year, and I end up just wrapping them in normal paper and bags. Oh well I love seeing everyone's ideas!

k said...

I like everything! esp the votive holders since i love candles so much :)

naomi said...

I love the advent calendar idea!!! Wow, so going to have to find time to make that for my little guy!

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