Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homemade Holidays: Heat Embossing and Etching on Glass


Ready for a homemade gift with the works? Well, here's a nice combo of both the etching tutorial and the heat embossing tutorial - both combined in one place.

Use this technique to create custom ornaments, vases, charms, frames, mason jars, glasses, etc.

A quick word of warning before beginning though - some glass, especially thinner glass, does not respond particularly well to being heated to high temperatures and may shatter. To be safe it is advisable to wear some protective gear - gloves/eyewear in case of shattering when embossing.

Also, since embossing is done by heating and making the embossing powder viscous this wouldn't be a good project for a candle holder, where the embossing could melt when re-heated again.

Step 1
To begin go ahead and etch the glass with your image or pattern. In this case the etching is on the outside of the piece - though you can etch the inside if you like. For complete instructions click here.


Step 2
Once your etching is complete go ahead and select your stamp for embossing. In this case I used an adjustable stamping block/kits available in craft stores and made my own stamp.


Step 3
Stamp directly on to the glass. Be patient - you are bound to need to redo a few times before you get something you like. For example:

Just wipe off and try again until you get something you like.


Step 4
Dust on your embossing powder. Try to be more sparing than you would be with paper as it sticks to the surface much more easily. The good news is, though, that you can remove the remnants after embossing so don't worry too much about the stray embossing powder.


Step 5
Heat set your stamp and embossing powder just as you would with paper. Be patient - this process takes much longer with glass. Be careful the glass will be VERY hot.

See the stray embossing powder there?


Step 6
Let your embossing and glass cool completely - then go back with your craft knife and gently scrape away the extra bits of embossing powder. This part is actually rather fun though it does make a sound like getting your teeth cleaned (shudder!).

If you clean up the actual embossed section - say finishing the edges on letters or similar - go back with your heat embosser and heat through again to set everything.

That's it - An etched and embossed glass!

Happy homemade gift crafting!


k said...

that is super impressive!!

Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous! Maybe when I finish my unpaper towels I can attempt this! Great job!

Karin said...

WOW, NEAT! I have never seen anything like this! I like etching on glass, but had never considered the extra step of embossing. Very cool (or hot, I guess)! Will have to try this one. ;)