Friday, November 5, 2010

Forgotten Friday

A Friday tradition. Something forgotten, made still life.

I normally don't enter Pioneer Woman Photography Challenges. Why? No reason. Ten bajillion people enter. I'm not that motivated. I just don't have anything. Whatever the reason. I honestly don't read her stuff enough to catch the challenge most of the time. Shame. I know, I know.

But this week's challenge? Four legged friends. Those pictures I have. I have plenty.  

So I plopped little Miss Eh on my lap to do a quick search this morning and she screamed out "Doggie!" to which I went, "What? Where?" I nearly flew right by a picture of my Dad's pup from a while back...March actually. He's a sweet, mild mannered boy who is dying to please his dad and incedibly well trained. That doesn't stop him from acting like a teenage boy most of the time. Which just goes to show, I guess, that you can have a nearly perfect kid (or dog) and they will still be a kid (or dog). 


So there you go - a two for one, Forgotten Friday and my Pioneer Woman Challenge photo for the day. I feel so accomplished. Now on to the rest of my to-do list!

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k said...

It is a GREAT picture. I also have about a trillion pictures of bama, haha :)