Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Minutes - The Gift

Yesterday we had the Five Minute Rule, a great tactic for dealing with overwhelming emotions. Today I give you a way to use those five minutes to celebrate, embrace, and create joy:

The Five Minute Gift should be practiced daily and is similar to the Five Minute Rule in some ways. The Five Minute Rule also demands that you must allow yourself to fully feel your emotions, value yourself enough to determine that you are worth that five minutes, and (most likely) that none of the five minutes may be spent on a phone, computer or other interactive device.


The five minute gift is this: for five minutes every day do something you truly love. Try making a list of things you love to do, experience, or just generally make you happy. Examples?

Sipping coffee/tea
Listening to music
Sit/relax in the sun
Build something
Sew (clearly, not me)
Clean (ok, not for me either but sometimes a clean closet will make you happy)
Cuddle with your animal, kid, spouse
Window shop
Meditate or breathe
Photograph something
Close your eyes
Watch your dog/cat/kid/spouse sleep
Look out a window

Whatever it is that brings you joy do it for five minutes a day. The first day may simply be making a list of those things that make you smile, then after that pick something each day and spend five minutes doing whatever it is, whenever you want but make sure to do it!


The point is this:  When you are feeling emotion, embrace it. Spend five minutes alone. By spending five minutes reconnecting with ourselves, righting our ships or embracing our joys, we reconnect with that which makes us human – the human experience.

If you are feeling stuck: you are not alone.

If you are feeling overwhelmed: you are not alone.

If you are traveling from the darkness into light, feeling vulnerable: you are not alone.

If you are feeling thankful, blessed, joyous: you are not alone. At all.

I think you are worth every single second of that five minutes. I hope you do too. Give yourself five minutes today. If you're not ready yet then I'm here, giving you permission, to take that five minutes.  Go ahead and say:
Tell me how it goes. What will you do with your five minutes?


Angie said...

This is great advice and wonderfully simple. Thank you!

Every Wednesday morning I walk with my lovely neighbor. Her husband has Alzheimer's and she needs to just get away. Every week, especially as the holiday season approaches, I think, I don't have time. I ignore that thought and I go anyway. It's an hour out of my week that leaves me feeling refreshed, energized and thankful. The little things, the human connections are what bring the greatest joy. To do list, be damned!

k said...

I seriously love this idea. I think I'm going to institute it, yep! I like you!

k said...

p.s. I wonder if I get that in when I spend half my day cuddling with my dog :)

Brandi said...

This five minute rule is a great idea! I try to do this every night when I give myself time to read a book. It can't be related to schoolwork at all. That time is really so precious.

Jess Loyer said...

I love this idea too. Sometimes five minutes of being truly present in pure, indulgent "me" time is all we need to feel refreshed.

I think the key is giving that five minutes your full attention. Not allowing yourself to get distracted by computers, phones, screaming children... Just really being in that moment of and feeling the joy.

Do it because you're worth it, do it because you love yourself. But also do it because everything else you do in all those other minutes of your day will be that much more inspired because you allowed yourself time out from the hustle and bustle to just BE.