Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn Splendor

The weather has been shockingly lovely lately...aside from the few very windy days. We've been trying to take advantage and I take the little one to search for osage oranges, pinecones, and rocks often.


I find it especially fascinating the way prairie grasses can take on a wide-range of colors - both depending on the time of day and to what extent they've begun to fade away. They wave from buttery golden to near black and white stark against the sky - the variance is amazing. The way prairie grasses dance in the wind, the way they each have their own rhythm, well... it's a distracting view from my window.




I often forget that the things that grow in spring often reappear in fall - berries and weeds alike. It brings me the same giddy joy to see the persistent dandelion rearing up to say hello in May or November. I guess I just love a change of season. Simple perfection.



k said...

changes of seasons are so refreshing :) these are very pretty!

Sandie {ABL} said...

I especially love your second photo. It's just gorgeous!