Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Reads {shops}: Gifting Guide

As the holidays draw ever closer I find myself recommending gift ideas left and right - normally something I steel myself against doing. As you may have figured out I'm not big on consumer culture and like to urge handmade, re-purposed, or otherwise recycled goods. It's not that I don't lust after tons of new things its just that we have enough. Most of the time, at the end of the day when my daughter has strewn every possession within reach through every corner of our house, I think we have too much.

But I love the holidays and I love gifts. I can't deny those facts. So here are a few ideas to get you started in the "off the beaten path" direction for holiday giving. Some are philanthropic, others re-purposed or recycled, some handmade, but add some heart, meaning, and beautiful intentions to any gift and I think you'll find your given (or gotten) a treasure.

Three Potato Four

Talk about a feast for the eyes - Three Potato Four is a collection of vintage, vintage-inspired and custom goods. I love a purpose for re-purpose and they certainly pick things that most anyone would find delightful, fun, or a whimsical addition to their space.

Personally, I love the Milk Bottle Carafes that come in a three-pack. I've been dying to get my hands on some of those glass yogurt containers for some time (to no avail) but these are a close second. Aren't they fun?

For you Philadelphian's they have furniture too - and it is gorgeous! For the rest of us though, well, we can delight in the rest of their stock. For example:

For the doctor in your life: A Test Tube Stand

For an accountant or number lover: Tally Counter Collection

For a teacher, cook, or just about anyone: Ceramic Ruled Pitchers

There is so, so much more - check out their shop for a visual treat or their blog for other delights.


Ok, admittedly this is pretty much a "ladies only" gift but who cares? Punjammies are part of the International Princess Project, an advocacy program developed to provide for the "physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women formerly enslaved in prostitution; and advocate for women enslaved in prostitution around the world." Essentially, it is a program that helps women who were in enslaved prostitutes to learn a trade, become self-sufficient and empowered, and to become in so many senses of the world: free.

Seriously, who cares what they sell right?

Except that what they sell is awesome! I want them all - they look like the most divine jammies ever - in gorgeous colors and patterns, pair them with their organic cotton tops and just consider me done in. Plus - their prices are as good or better than many retailers that far too many of us frequent that have questionable practices and ethics.

Back of the shirt reads: Made with Hope in India by International Princess Project and Freeset. I'm cool with that!

If you don't want the jammies maybe consider donating - they have that option too.

The Commission Project by Paul Ferney

I realize offering a limited run, very custom project will probably make this link to Paul Ferney's amazing project relatively short lived but that's ok - you should know about him anyway. Paul is a San Francisco artist, husband to Jordan of Oh Happy Day! (which, admittedly, I love, love, love).

The Commission Project is relatively simple - you pick a picture you love, commission a painting, and by a specific date (in this case probably the Dec 17 deadline) you'll get a custom work of art of that image. Amazing custom gift and you get to say you are a "patron of the arts". Did I mention the amazing gift part? Amazing.

Ketti Handbags

If you have a photography lover in your life, and a purse lover then I have the gift for you. A one of a kind, unbelievable Ketti bag. I have a friend who has one...she came over for a playdate...I secretly had to stare at her bag for a moment before a quick restroom trip. It was stunning. I drooled a little - not on the bag, of course. Talk about a work of art to encase your tool for art!

both via

If you're not in the market for a handbag/camera bag but live in the Seattle area Ketti (that's her name) is an accomplished photographer as well. How 'bout a session? Check out Ketti Photography for more.

Have an inspired and gratitude-filled weekend!


k said...

OK, I'm in love with the Ketti Bag. In love. It's going on my Christmas List pronto! and the vintage store! I love your finds!!

Elizabeth said...

These bags are awesome! Definitely on my wish list--thanks for sharing.