Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Reads

Here I was thinking"Ok, I did an emagazine edition, now we can move on to other inspirations" when out of the blue and from down under comes Adore Magazine. Per the name it is quite adore-able, and have great tips. Plus if someone wants to gift me both that carpet and fireplace on page 20 I would be ever grateful - gorgeous, right?

P.S. if you really want to be hip that fuchsia leather ottoman on page 34 is positively everywhere lately - you too can be "in"!
First issue just launched - and it's Spring in the southern hemisphere so prepare for sunny images and bright ideas.

Speaking of bright and sunny...Next up a blog and a design studio - Fig 2 Design Studio's blog The Color Connoisseur. I happened upon Claudia's blog because we both happen to be part of Adopt a Blogger - we were the first two newbie bloggers adopted this go around. Hurrah for us. But hurrah for me for finding her blog because it's fun and she's a great designer - I like both of those things!

And yet another emag Nonpariel - a mash up of weddings, occasions, and celebrations, with a good dose of old fashioned do it yourself thrown in. Simple, uber-creative, modern and inviting it is the brain-child of Maddy Hague of the Inspired Bride and Kristen Magee of Paper Crave (and I do so adore Paper Crave). Fabulous and approachable.

There are six issues currently available - the latest just came out and is available here, and the rest can be found in the archive here.

Right now the fabulous and fierce are gathered together at BlogHer Food - a big 'ol explosion of foodies, creativity and passion (all bloggers) sweeping over San Francisco. Obviously, I'm not there...but I love hearing about it from all who are and while I have a feeling this will be out of the budget-range but that doesn't stop me from wanting to go to Eat, Write, Retreat. Someone else go and tell me all about it please!

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