Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Milwaukee Love

I should probably wait until I have some images of my own but I'm positively bubbling over with anticipation for our upcoming Milwaukee visit. Every year, for the past few years, we've made it a point to visit Milwaukee for at least a day. This year it could be this weekend (provided the weather cooperates).

"Milwaukee?" You say. Yes! Milwaukee is so underrated. I get it. I'm an east coast girl - Wisconsin was at the bad end of far too many stereotypes and bad jokes. Know what? They are wrong...and right. I mean yes, there is cheese...and beer...but it is all so good!

Before Eh graced our lives with her presence we spent a fabulous Thanksgiving in Milwaukee filled with art, music, shopping, and fabulous food. Ever since then we return as often as we can, which, for some reason, always seems to be in the fall.

We stayed at the County Clare Inn, a quirky little B&B complete with an Irish pub, plentiful live music and darling rooms. It was fabulous - and a perfect place to retire after a long day of sightseeing. Nothing is more accommodating than a warm fireplace, a beer in hand, a great band and a quick walk to your room at the end of the night.

First order of business was a trip to Broadway Paper, mecca or all things paper and ephemera. It was one of our first stops and continues to be every time. You can be sure if there was a Milwaukee trip that year there will be something in the stockings from Broadway Paper.

Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward and Riverwalk District
via The Waterfront Center

Just up the block from Broadway Paper, aside from a number of other tremendous Third Ward District shops, is a Goodwill (given the nifty name facelift of "Retique"that has quite the heavenly selection. It's become an addition to our places to visit because for a $50 budget we can get quite a haul of barely worn lovelies - including a cashmere J Crew sweater I got last year for $9. A great thrift find is always a fun score and, on a more serious note, an excellent choice for our environment (see here for a provocative article on "Waste Couture").

Our time in the Third Ward wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Milwaukee Public Market - where we almost always end up getting tea, spices, and lunch. An indoor market, it features a variety of fresh, local selections, gourmet and sweet treats, and specialty vendors....and it's fabulous.

Visually striking in every aspect and down every corridor, the Milwaukee Art Museum doesn't disappoint. It is easily walkable from the Third Ward, and absolutely not to be missed. The jaw-dropping architecture by Calatrava certainly steals the show at first but the works held within the museum are quite stunning, varied, and well curated. Always an enjoyable stop.

If I started talking about the food here I might not stop - let's just say we've done it all...ok, ok, a few restaurants varying from the very fanciest to the not so fancy and have been impressed every time. Milwaukee has some good eats!

Know what though, for all the beer-talk about Winsconsin we've still not been to a brewery! So this trip we hope to rectify that little misdeed. Mmm! Can't wait to get there all over again and take some pictures of my own to share with you. Keep those fingers crossed that the weather stays lovely, will you?

Do you love someplace that is often misunderstood? Tell me about it - we love to go new places and explore!


k said...

I had no idea that Milwaukee had all these amazing places you are talking about! Enjoy your trip :)

Tricia said...

Krystal - I'm sure on your next trip you have far more to see but c'mon by we'll show you around! ;)