Monday, September 13, 2010

Where are you? The literal, the metaphorical, the marketable.

Tied in knots, tangled, perfectly wound?

A status report, of sorts.

Literally, I am home again. Metaphorically, I am a bit tied up and untangling. Marketing wise I am no where and everywhere (every post is more searchable, every blog a business, right?)

We were gone last week. Vacationing. Reality has set back in, as it always does - not just in piles of laundry and to-do lists but in a larger sense. Em and I have been, independently and together, trying to sort through our time lately. We've been trying to figure out how to manufacture more hours in the day or use the ones we have more wisely. Mostly we've been trying to figure out the ever implausible and elusive concept of hobbies, free-time, and pursuit of passion (and the requisite trade-offs implied or ignored therein). This isn't to say we're sitting around angsting - on the contrary actually, we've simply come to a place (in life and parenting) where we both have a lot of creative desires and a need to figure out a place for them.

In many ways that is the how and why behind this blog.

Which I am still figuring out. Frankly, life would be tragically boring if everything was figured out anyway.

In many ways the marketing/advertising/branding/integrated marketing communications/image consistency side of me always wanted a neat little box for things to fit into from the get-go. A blog about photography. A blog about food. A blog about ___fill in the blank____. I love those neat-little-tidy-genre-box blogs. I'm not that person. I could start a blog for each interest area but I'm not a person with that kind of time. I fluctuate. I ebb, flow, chart a course then go where the wind blows.

Sometimes I want to do nothing but pictures that tickle my fancy.

This happens to be the one to "tickle my fancy" today.

And other times I want a theme, a semblance of a tidy box to fit into, if only for a moment.

Then my dad asks what the whole point of the blog is, what my goal is and I'm back in my marketing mind.

The point is I need a space, all my own, just mine alone, where I can have a purpose for taking a million and one photos (I'm not sure if I'm up to that many yet but surely fast approaching). A place where I can feel creative, purposeful, and dare I say, responded to - for something other than the darling girl on my hip or the dog at the end of the leash. The strange journey that is making and having a family is that you want to be with them, which makes you want to be alone, which makes you miss them, lather, rinse, repeat.

Photography with a family is both inclusive and exclusive. They are included - in the frame or on the periphery, more times than not. Yet the images I choose to take and that time I am selecting a shot is mine alone. While my daughter forces me to slow down and look at things more closely (or with more wonder), or my husband points things out to me, the actual photograph is my perspective alone.

A caterpillar eats all the food it wants.
A butterfly can only drink liquids.
Where is the beauty - in the enjoyer or the enjoyed?

Since I rarely have time for more photography is my poetry. The words will have to come later. The purpose, the metaphors, the neat little boxes, the meaning of it all will have to come later. For everything. Being in the moment rarely leaves time to actually record the moment - especially in words. So, for now, {every}nothing wonderful will remain exactly that:





Leah said...

feel your pain and totally understand. :-) love these shots and this was a great post! ;-)

Cassandra said...

Besides being a very talented photographer, your words suck me in to reading more ;)