Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation: Photo essay

Feeling a little, shall we say, un-talkative lately. Ok, not un-talkative so much as needing some inspiration. Or light. I keep coming up with recipes when the light in our house is at it's most terrible. By morning they are all gobbled up and I've moved on.

Plus, I've had a cold. Sniff. Sniff. Sadness and self pity.

Since these pictures are still fresh in the memory and yet seem so far away (it's cold here! already!): a little wordless photo essay. I was partly inspired by Brian Ferry's blog "The Blue Hour" (a special thank you to Molly over at Orangette for the recommendation) and had a good dose of old-fashioned writers block. And so, as the weather has turned colder here and I wait for my bread to bake and soup to simmer (pumpkin and squash bisque with coconut milk, if you must know), I give you the ever popular:

Vintage Truck and Drying Line

Radio Dodge Truck Vintage

Dodge Truck Door Vintage

Bushel Baskets

Blue Crabs


Relax Statue

Fishing Rods



Shells In Bowl

Reeds Grasses in Water

Boat Bow at Dusk

By the way, that publication is The Diner Journal. Totally worth checking out.


Julie said...

beautiful photos!! Looks like a lovely time!

Tricia said...

Thanks Julie - and thanks for taking the time to read/look!