Thursday, September 30, 2010

That time of year again: planting hope and flowers


Around here winter can last for an eternity, or so it seems. When the first buds of spring make their long journey from fall-planted bulb, to green stem, to full-fledged flower it can only be described as glorious.

Tulip Bulbs

Which means it's time to plant some bulbs. Again.


Again because those rascally, yet cute (darn them), chipmunks ate all my crocus bulbs last year. More tulips it is.

Piling all those hundreds of bulbs to be planted into a basket reminded me of the last place I saw piles upon piles of bulbs, waiting to be plucked and planted into gardens all over, Terrain.

Flower Bulbs

Terrain is the garden/landscaping/floral outlet of the business geniuses behind Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Which means, of course, it is impeccably styled and visually decadent.

Twine 2

One space might be just piles upon piles of beautiful twine, another neat rows of oil cans, another an antique armoire filled with flowers.

So while I ruminate on just where to plant all those bulbs I'll leave you with a little more Terrain eye candy.  Happy almost Friday!

Any fun weekend plans already in the works? Perhaps planting some flowers and hope for the promise of next year's spring?

Terrain oil Cans

Peonys Vase


Note: While it would be nice to have padding in the pocket and Terrain loveliness all over my house they had nothing to do with this post, especially not monetarily. Ok, they did give some styling help, I suppose, by existing and letting me in the doors with a camera...


Ashley Sisk said...

I love them all but that last shot is really beautiful.

Tricia said...

Sadly Ashley, that was pre-DSLR days. I want so badly to have that in RAW and they haven't had that twine in ages. Le sigh!

k said...

aww, i love bulb planting season :) makes me miss my house!

Mandy said...

Such pretty pictures~ I wish I had one close to me!