Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preserving the harvest: Carrots and Greens (Chard)


I haven't done as much canning as I would like this year. I was off to a bang-up start but somewhere in the fruit filled bliss I lost my stride. No matter - I have my trusty, junky freezer - it keeps tickin' along and I keep filling it up! We got that puppy for a sweet deal, rust spots on the lid and all. A thorough scrub and a few coats of chalkboard paint on the top and that it's like new! It's been my trusty sidekick since we got our house two years ago and if my admiration alone keeps it alive, it will outlast cockroaches.


I'm grouping carrots and greens together because they use pretty much the same freezer technique - a quick steam and into a bag. You only want to do a quick cook though since they'll cook the rest of the way when you prepare whatever your meal is later. For carrots just c]]hop into coins. For greens, clean them off their stems, give a good rough cut, and steam until a nice bright green. You can, of course, mix your greens if you like, but many have such distinctive flavors I prefer not to. I also prefer steaming, as opposed to boiling greens because trying to get the extra water out before freezing is usually fruitless and you'll end up with a big chard/kale/mustard green ice cube - highly unattractive and takes forever to thaw.


Despite the fact that rabbits decided to build a burrow right in the middle of our carrots this year - and subsequent baby rabbits had quite the feast (and then subsequently again Darwin had a good laugh watching us trying to fight the futile fight of keeping the dogs away from them) - we got pretty lucky with our carrot haul. I hope we'll get some more with this next planting as well. The chard did well too, and I'll replant it again as wel.

And someday, oh someday, I will actually get to pickling and canning some of these carrots too!

Happy September everyone! Hope you are enjoying the weather and harvest as much as we are!

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elizabeth said...

I give you a lot of credit for doing all of the canning you're doing this year--it's pretty hardcore. Apartment living does not lend itself well to storing lots and lots of jars (I don't care what the NY Times Style Section tries to say!) so we tend to schelp our cans back from the store. I'm so impressed with your tomato crop!

Also--thanks for stopping by for our first giveaway. Nice to meet you!