Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Having a cow!

Ooodles of pictures to go through from vacation. A few stood out though, of course. Maybe because they tugged at my heart, maybe because I identified with them, maybe because they were so beautiful. Among them, the cows.

Cow and Cow Birds 2

While we were there a few things happened. Ok, ok, I photographed them quickly three times, which really, counts as once. C'mon. I think a drive-by, and two quickies counts as one, no? Ok, good. We're on the same page.

Single Cow 2

First: My daughter was super stoked to say "moo" in context. I mean yeah, "moo!" Heck yeah, those are, for sure, some moos!


Second: You know the term "cowlick"? I totally have this "do" in the morning. I get it now.

Cows and cow birds

Third: Cow Bird is the best name for an animal ever. Ever. Actually it is an Egret (aka Cattle Egret, a heron, Bubulcus ibis) but if you have a 20 month old kid this is the best name for an animal ever - there is a cow, a bird is on top of it, a "cow bird". Genius.

This beautiful little calf kept trying to hide from me and spy on me at the same time. I can't even tell you how cute it was. After it thought I had left it ran up to what I assume was it's mom and was kissing her/licking her on the neck. Then it was playing with another calf. Broke my heart, so sweet. I'm sorry but animals have to have a soul, they simply can't be this wonderful without reason!

Calf Peeking

Now we're getting to my favorites. You know I love the details!

While I was taking pictures of the herd two cows stood alone behind me. Why? No idea. they were wonderful though. When I approached them they came to me easily and with so much trust. They clearly wanted to be pet, loved, appreciated. I wanted to so badly but, since I didn't really ask permission to be there I felt as though I couldn't. They were so sweet, so trusting. Thanks to them I was able to get some closeups - interestingly they were opposites - one with straight hair, one with curly, one skinny, one thin. I couldn't help but think of our dogs - sisters but opposite.

Cow Ear
Those ears!

Cow Nose
That nose!

How could you not love them?

Single Cow 1


Leah said...

these are amazing, tricia! it sounds like you had a great vacation! :-)

Cassandra said...

Gorgeous...and I want to lay down with the calf in the grass....melt.my.heart!