Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guest Blog: Leah of Rhythm in Chaos

My friend Leah, from Rhythm in Chaos is with us today to talk about bridal showers.

There probably aren't enough positive things I can say about Leah but I'll tell you a few...Leah is one of the sweetest people I've probably had the honor of meeting. Everything she does she does with poise, meaning, thoughtfulness and true kindness. I don't mean "she's nice" kindness, I mean, real, deep seated, bottom of the heart, oozing goodness kindness. In some ways I think she would make a perfect Buddhist because Leah is totally the type of person who understands and practices the idea of "loving kindness". Not surprisingly, she throws showers that are very meaningful celebrations for brides. What's incredible about her photography is able to capture not just the moments but emotions of those days. She's very talented, yes, but she's a very good person too.

Sidenote: Leah is actually the reason and inspiration for why I started doing a project 365 of my daughter. For those memories now recorded and the reignited spark for photography I will be forever glad to know her.

I feel so privileged that Tricia asked if I would be a guest blogger for her today. My name is Leah and if you're wondering who I am, feel free to check me out here and read more about me here.


So I'm told the topic of conversation is weddings, or rather, that life changing event that you plan for and dream about for what seems to be a lifetime and then it's gone [poof] in one day...or is it? Well, I think it's easy to feel that way. But how sad would it be if it was really "gone" - all those memories, all those moments, all those kisses of that very special day? There is something about a wedding day, whether it be a show stopping event, or a simple exchange of vows, that each of us hold on to in that special spot deep within that no one will ever be able to take away from us...we hold it dear for years and years to come and *that* is what a wedding is all about. A day where two become one and life takes on a whole new meaning -- a life of compromise, a life of selflessness, a life of...well, put simply, life, and what that all entails -- the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves here, lets take a look at some of those special memories that you lock away in that "special spot" that lead up to that momentous day.

Could her sister be more gorgeous!?! -t.

I had the extreme privilege of standing up for two weddings this year. A dear friend of mine got married in May of this year, and then my very own baby sister got married just a couple weeks ago. As a bridesmaid/matron of honor, while the bride is busy planning the wedding, you're busy planning shower(s)/parties before the wedding. You find yourself having dreams about invites, decorations, and food to host the perfect celebration to honor the bride. Well, at least I did. And while at the time you may question your sanity, and whether or not it's all worth it, those feelings all subside when your dear friend or sister give you that big hug and tell you how much it meant to them that the world stopped for them that day and they felt like a princess. Ahhh...now that makes it all worth it!

Some of you may be wondering what this all has to do with anything, but I tell you all that to tell you this: no matter how big or small the shower/party, just remember that you are filling up those "special spots" with a lifetime of warm memories that your loved one will treasure for always. So be ever mindful of your loved one and what will speak to them and honor them on the day you were given to "shower" them with love.

The photos I took are from my sister's shower in June. Their wedding theme was "lovebirds" and she handmade her invitations using the Amy Butler (Lotus) paper, so I knew I wanted to incorporate the theme and paper somehow.

The little piece of paper with the knot at the top in front of the favor bag, was used to allow people to write a little something to Josie. I put them all in a scrapbook for my sister.

A monogram with their initials on a cut-out bird.

I found some birdhouse ornaments for $1.00 at Michaels and ordered some Amy Butler fabric online and went to town. I spray painted the houses in colors to coordinate with the paper she chose for her wedding invitations.

Trademark flowers in action

I made little flowers out of the fabric and hot glued them to the top of each birdhouse.

French Vanilla and Pear jelly beans, Mmmm!

Out of the same fabric, I then sewed little favor bags that were stuffed with pear and french vanilla flavored Jelly Bellies (all color coordinated of course). :-) The centerpiece for each table was a little milk jar, stuffed with left over fabric, and sticks from my very own backyard. I had so much fun planning this day for my sister and in the end she gave me that big hug and it was all worth it. :-)



Both my friend and my sister mentioned how special they felt the day of their showers and I felt so honored that I was helping create warm memories for them that they would tuck away in those "special spots" deep within and remember for years to come.



So just remember if you're ever in charge of planning a shower or special event for someone, it's not in vain. Try to find things to decorate with that mean something to them and highlight them in a way that they will be sure to treasure for always and ever. You are part of the story and forever will be after that.




I hope you enjoyed the photos! And thank you again, Tricia, for allowing me to invade your cyber space with my words and pictures. :-)

Believe it or not, this little bird's nest was nestled in a tree outside of the church where my sister's shower was being held. How perfect is that?



Thank you Leah! All photos are courtesy of Leah, thank you, thank you again. Don't forget to check her our at Rhythm In Chaos! And if you want more on this fabulousness check here too!


Leah said...

oh tricia! you made me blush with all your kind words! thank you so much! ;-) and thank you for allowing me to guest blog for you. xoxo

Jen said...

So very true! Leah is an all around wonderful person! Great post Leah!!

Josie said...

Wow, this brought tears to my eyes...not only because these beautiful photos brought back the memories of that beautiful day that Leah created for me (I'm the sister who got married!)...but also because I'm feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, kind, loving, talented sister and I love her very much! Now that the wedding is over...it is easy to forget all the details, but this post allowed me to relive some of those special moments! Thank you Tricia for allowing Leah to share this with me and the world!

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