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Guest Blog: Candace of Candace Ashley & Sweet Nothings

Kicking off a guest-blog filled week and an {every}nothing wonderful wedding themed week is Candace of Candace Ashley & Sweet Nothings with an gorgeous wedding and a story with a twist!

Candace, an Interior Designer, planned her whole wedding, start to finish, with the help of her very supportive (now) husband and family. Despite planning everything to a "t"...well, I'll let her tell you!

Happy Couple

So the day finally came, where it was time for me to walk down the aisle. Brandon and I chose something very different from what I would say is traditional. We had the ceremony and reception outdoors, at the Pavilions at the Angus Barn, in Raleigh, NC. The Pavilions are made from reclaimed wood, stone, and all kinds of other materials from around the city of Raleigh. When historic builders were torn down or remodeled, The Angus Barn took the time to save things to make this spectacular venue. Its gorgeous, and very easy to work with. The areas for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get ready were perfect.

I wanted specific colors, my favorite was coral and his was orange, which made a perfect marriage of colors for our special day. And besides, who does coral and orange, its not something I have seen done before ; )

The place where the girls got ready was a dream. The chandeliers, and the accessories, my photographer, who took all the gorgeous shots, was in love with the room. And didn't our florist do a beautiful job with hearty vintage flowers!

Scenic View

I wore shoes that matched the girls dresses. I couldn't find the exact color, or anything that I was in love with, so I ended up dyeing shoes that were comfy and a great deal! I then added two broach embellishments with thread myself to add some bling to those shoes.


I tried on about 15 dresses, the day that I went dress shopping. But the first one I tried on, I thought this one is good....and turned out I went back to it after the 15 dresses, and choice number 1. Just like my mother, it was the first dress I tried on, and the one I chose. I knew it was the one, when I just stared at myself a lot in the mirror, and look at all the details and couldn't finish my sentences, I just knew. I then started to get teary eyed, and knew, well this is the way it!

Flowers Bride Makeup


I wasn't scared to do a few things that most brides may not do. I got up on this stump table, with the girls help, and Ashley, our photographer, just ate that up. Sometimes it's fun, and honestly, your dress won't get as dirty as most girls think. Plus at that point, you are so excited, you are about to marry the man of your dreams, and everyone will think you are beautiful regardless of if there is a little dirt on your dress. Outdoor weddings tend to have that happen to the dresses anyway.

Aisle Begin Aisle Walk

Grooms Face

I'm so glad the photographers got the shot of Brandon's expression! But, as I walked from the Pavilion to the ceremony site, to At Last by Etta James, the clouds rolled in, and the wind started blowing. All the flowers in the arbor started falling on Brandon and I, and the rain came slow, and then I watched it come across the lake. That was when I called a cut to the minister and we all grabbed umbrellas to run back to cover. It was interesting and not planned, but it made for some beautiful photos of the sky, and of course a memorable ceremony that us and our guests, will never forget.

Ceremony Two

My beautiful bridesmaids, all had dresses that they helped design - This way they can wear them again. The dresses were dupioni raw silk, and were lovely. They were all different. The groomsman all had cuff link shirts since all the guys received cuff links from their schools and their ties were paisley, my favorite pattern.

Attendants Happy Couple

I thought candles and lights were the only thing I needed for decor and really it was. The place screamed barn, and it didn't need much more. Our cake was chocolate fondant! The flavors were chocolate truffle, lemon raspberry, and carrot cake! We also had chocolate chess pies, banana pudding and watermelon. Our food was fabulous, a classy Eastern North Carolina meal, with barbecue, fried chicken, potatoes, beans, and tons of other things.

Candles Cake

We danced to Hold Me Thrill Me by Mel Carter, oldie but goodie. It was the dance we danced to when we got engaged. It was destined to be the one we would dance to as husband and wife. Choose a song that means something to you, it doesn't matter what it is, its your day, make it amazing for you!

First Dance

We had favors that were little chairs, that little interior designer in me, with pink and orange M & M's. Everyone loves them! The bridal portrait was a little different, I had mine of course, but I choose a few, and then some of Brandon and I to blow up, so I could display them in our home after, which we have done. And we had two old windows, which I added photos to, of us through the years. It was really a hit!

Favors Dancing

The gifts were in the large bathtub that was on site, and the cards were in a lantern set on a whiskey barrel.

The guests danced and danced. We had the chairs and tables surrounding the dance floor, since that was one of the more important things to us, fun and dancing. It went on into the night, thanks to our fabulous DJ. They did an amazing job, and everyone commented and complimented us. And guests stayed till the end, a lot did!

I wanted sparklers to end the evening, which we did. It was cute, and perfect. Plus, it was dark back there, with little lighting in the parking lot, so it was perfect. We left in a limo. We had the limo till 3:00 and we left at 11:00 so we came back and picked up the bridal party and friends and all went out on the town. Why not, you're married, celebrate! That's what our wedding was, a huge celebration, not fancy, not stuffy just beautiful and so us.

After the wedding we left the next day for Jamaica on an all inclusive resort vacation. It was breathtaking. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about a honeymoon, all inclusive is the way to go. There will be times that you want to travel and site see but this isn't that time. You need time to relax from the stress of wedding planning, and all the events. It was wonderful and very relaxing. Enjoy!


Vendors Candace loved
Ceremony and Reception Site: Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC
Flowers: Tre Bella of Durham, NC
Bridal Gown: Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield, NC
Shoes: David's Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid in Raleigh, NC
Suits: Belk Department Store
Men's Shirts: Macy's Department Store
Ties: The Tie Bar
Cake: Sweet Memories Bakery in Apex, NC
Music/Disc Jockey: Joe Bunn DJ of Raleigh, NC
Honeymoon: Sandals, Jamaica

All images by Story Photographers: Ashley Stephenson and her husband David Teeter. They are working on a new site but check out their blog or contact them here! Here is their entry on Candace's wedding too!

A big thank you to Candace of Candace Ashley & Sweet Nothings and Story Photographers! Oh! Candace has an Etsy shop too - I'm in love with the plaid!

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CandaceAshley said...

Tricia, thank you so much for posting our wedding on your blog! I have enjoyed the week of weddings! I hope you had a great anniversary, and thanks again!


Joe Strahan said...

Great photos, the girls dresses were beautiful too.