Friday, September 17, 2010

Forgotten Friday

A Friday tradition. Something forgotten, made still life - usually toys that were loved but abandoned.

Corn Sandbox

I've been wanting to share this rather genius idea with you - went to the Gladiolus grower near the place we vacationed and saw this box of fun. Apparently the father/farmer got sick of trying to pick up sand on the ground, as well as having to replace it. Genius substitute? Dried corn kernels. Easy to sweep up, doesn't track all over the house, maybe not the safest for the "stick things in the mouth" set, but still - an admirable solution!

A beach made of dried corn might not be a great idea but it makes the mind wander. Corn instead of sand in vases? Perfect for fall! Corn instead of ornamental grass centerpieces? Corn in votives? I'll stop now before I get carried away...

Happy forgotten Friday everyone!

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