Thursday, September 16, 2010

C is for...

Thought I would share a little surprise my friend Amy at Sugar Coated Mommy, and I planned for my anniversary. We cooked up a little scheme (tehehe, bad pun),did a barter and voila! A surprise for my husband! Ultimately it ended up being a surprise for me as well!

I saw Amy's amazing little "hogs and kisses" cookies just in time to ask her to make some love-themed cookies and send them our way. I was not disappointed with the results.


I'm not sure why I would expect anything less but Amy went above and beyond - surprising us with new flavors (cinnamon and chocolate) and totally custom designs.

The vintage truck we made our departure in? On a cookie. (proof of the sweetness of the treat made possible by nature and this little blue fellow).


The imagery from our wedding invite, save the date, and even our wedding program/poster, leaves, sunflowers, fun extras? On cookies.


As a reminder this is the (info omitted) poster:

I wouldn't let anyone touch the poster cookie. Tsk, tsk, I know. It's going to be coated and turned into an ornament. I couldn't help it. Then again Em couldn't help it and ate up most of the cookies pretty fast so we're even.


Thanks again Amy for the fabulous surprise! Now hurry up and let me get to work on that blog of yours! (Friends shout out friends on their blogs, hehe). Amy also blogged about the cookies and some of the fun baking specifics!

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Amy said...

Now if I could only trade you to take pics of all my baking...that would be sweet! Literally...and figuratively!